Fitcasting Model of the Year 2023 Nominees

November 22nd, 2022

Dear members, it is time to announce the nominees for the Fitcasting Model of the Year 2023! This is based on your e-mails and messages that you have sent to let us know who you wish to see as the next year’s winner. It is now time to make the final selection. Remember, that the […]


Time to Choose the Next Model of the Year

November 6th, 2022

Alex has seen some very hard time during his Model of the Year “Bonus Shoots”. It is time to choose again the next Fitcasting Model of the Year 2023. The boy who is chosen, will have to go through a set of “bonus shoots” that are usually the toughest and hardest in our selection so […]


A Hot Surprise for November: Adam

November 2nd, 2022

A lot of you have written us and reminded to have a good balance between boyish body types and manly body types on site. So we wanted to experiment with another new boy for November. As we have young 18 year old Tyler starting his first casting we invited Adam to offer a different type […]


New e-Book Featuring Tyler’s Ganymede Training Published

October 25th, 2022

In November we are very excited to start casting our new boy Tyler. But when we did his first casting we were so taken by the boy’s beauty that immediately after the first casting we wanted to shoot the Ganymede Training with the boy. As you may remember, the Ganymede Training is inspired by the […]


Incredible Sava in Animal Kingdom Workout

October 15th, 2022

We are happy to announce that incredible Sava will start his solo Animal Kingdom workout on 24 October 2022. This is a workout that offers pure aesthetics and the play of muscles. Sava is a fresh new boy in our site and we are still discovering him. That is why we wanted him to go […]


“A Journey to the Master” Twitter Challenge

October 15th, 2022

With our new twitter account we have an interesting “problem” – namely a lot of boys who have been normally out of our radar have written to us, asking to be added to our stable. To test their appeal and readiness to become a true gym slave, we have decided to start a Twitter-exclusine challenge […]


A Classic Male Study: Roman in 25 Challenge

October 7th, 2022

This October we will have our dancer Roman back for more workout. The boy received very good workout and we wanted to study his classic body in a hard solo workout. “25 Challenge” is a full-body workout where the trainee needs to complete an endless sets of 25 reps covering full body again and again. […]


Tyler: New Boy for November

October 2nd, 2022

Meet Tyler – he is a very special new find that we will bring to you in November. He will get naked for our members for his first casting and starts to please us with his performance. Before we let the boy to work out completely nude, we have him stretching in a tight mesh […]


Yan in the Punishment Room

September 28th, 2022

It takes just a little more time until the opening of the punishment room website, so we have decided to publish another video in our e-shop “Punishment Room” section for purchase. The link to the video and free preview is here. This is a thorough punishment for a beautiful 19-year old boy, who just needs […]


Big Autumn Sale in the Shop! All videos -40%

September 21st, 2022

Dear members, we are glad to announce an autumn sale in our shop. If you want to complete your collection, please visit the store and make use of -40% discount on all extra videos in the shop! The most recent video features Jony, but will also find very intimate and special training for Tim and […]


Domantas: Slaves of a Mine Workout

September 18th, 2022

It is going to happen in the first weekend of October: Domantas will be standing naked on a podium being “auctioned” to become a slave. The fantasy workout “Slaves of a Mine” was a suggestion by one of our members and we wanted to try it out specifically with Domantas whom we have used also […]


Alex Will Start a New Ordeal: 500 Jumping Jacks Workout

August 22nd, 2022

As you may have noticed, we love to train Alex. It is enjoyable to watch how the boy struggles through some of the hardest exercises we have come up with. We have also noticed that our members enjoy to watch Alex struggle: the previous episodes where the boy suffered the most received top marks from […]