When Dany first entered our office, we could not make up our mind if the boy was strong enough to go through our first casting. When the boy took off his shirt we saw a slim, fit body but we liked the boy’s face and his look. So we decided to give him a chance.

When we got the boy in the loincloth, suddenly his muscles seemed to have popped all over the body. His abs were immediately visible, his chest strong and we noticed veins that started to form accross the boy’s biceps.

After loincloth we decided to give the boy a tiny fishnet thong and by that time it really took an effort to squeeze the boy’s manhood into the tiny fabric, as the boy was showing clear signs of excitement.

When told to remove his thong, his cock sprang at attention. His body covered in sweat and veins was showing better and better muscle tone.

The first part of the casting is called “The first impression of the body” and it always ends with presentation of cock and ass. It is our proud tradition that when presenting his cock to the members for the first time, the boy gets on the knees. He must then thrust his hips forward and offer an unobstructed view to his cock, which must be rock hard.

The boy will then present his ass. Dany did not have a slightest hesitation or embarrassment to present his most sensitive body parts.

We then had the boy in Shiiko Dachi penalty pose to have an overall impression of his body. It was now clear that Dany is a strong boy. He is very muscular – his abs being very strong and inviting.

In gym the boy was in his own element. His muscles still seemed to be growing. The more pumped his pecs became, the more we started to notice the boy’s nipples that seem to require our extra attention.

Midway through the training the boys arms started to steal the show. Veins popping all over the boys arms were certainly an exciting sight.

The boy is certainly beautiful and the workout highlighted both his strong and weak points. his lower abs and thighs definitely need some work,

When back in office we had the boy go through some stress poses and the training culminated with the “humility” poses: For the final assessment we tell the boy to assume the classic “present” or “slavemarket” position. There is a lot of work to be done on the pose, but we can get a relatively good understanding of the boys body.

The boy then had to show his cum production: he produced a reasonable amount, sufficient to cover his whole abs. As it is our tradition, the boy was not allowed to clean his abs from the cum, but continue presenting it proudly.

The casting ends with “Doggy” and “Beg” positions.

Now in this Doggie Pose we can finally appreciate the boy’s strength. Pay attention to his well defined triceps, his massive shoulders that can take a lot of stress poses, his wide back that we cannot wait to whip.

We are very happy to have Dany with us and we cannot wait to test this boy out. We have also added a preview photo gallery!

Dany: First Casting starts playing on 1 January 2023.