As Sava kneels in front of us at the beginning of his Animal Kingdom Workout, the tiny loincloth cannot hide his excitement. The boy’s arousal becomes even more clearer when he starts his first exercise.

His muscles tense, cock hard the boy starts the training. Animal Kingdom Workout is our all-time favourite and we try to get all our new models through this routine. First, the exercise is really hard and lengthy, this is an opportunity for the young member of our stable to showcase his sheer strength.

Second, the exercise is extremely entertaining. There is no boring moment as each set of exercise is different – the boy must imitate more than a dozen animal movements.

Animal movements show the boy’s body from extremely interesting angles: from vantage points that are impossible to achieve during “normal” weight trainings or even stress poses. Here, the boy is really forced out of his comfort zone as he must bend, stretch, crawl, leap and jump in multiple ways.

In this workout the boy’s obedience and determination is also put to a test as some poses, especially the punishments for failed animal movements, tend to be rather humiliating. Sava seems to take it all very well. At some point during the exercise, we see a spark in his eye where the boy puts his self-awareness behind and just performs, wildly, naturally, gracefully. He unleashes his wild side for our pleasure.

Sava: Animal Kingdom Workout starts playing on 24 October 2022. But this is not all. We are proud to bring back our classic male figure Roman.

Poman will show off his classic shape in the 25 Challenge Workout – an endless sets of 25 reps of full body workout. Hopefully you will enjoy his muscles in the most classic gym routines.

One of our most favourite models, Domantas will go through something completely opposite than a classic training. The boy will test a completely new fantasy-workout recommended by one of our members.

This workout is called “Slave of the Mine” and it is based on a fantasy that the boy is sold in slavery into a mine. Instead of weight equipment the boy must now act out a full training session as “Slave of the mine. This includes mining – use of axe while chained as a slave of the mine would be.

The training also includes getting the mined metal out of the mine and “transporting” it to the warehouse. Oh and there are three levels: mining of bronze, silver and gold. By each level, the training gets harder. We have published a longer preview of this fun training in our member section.

Bear in mind, that this training is an experiment. Very often, when our members recommend the trainings, they look so hard, that it is impossible to assess, if it is physically possible to perform them in the first place. This why we choose some of our most special models with the highest levels of obedience and strength to test out these new fantasies. If you have some feedback, if you think there is something we can improve or if the boy dos not perform to your liking – do let us know and we will try to correct as much as possible. To us, this training seems promising, it is certainly interesting to watch.

Our beautiful Alex will continue his training with aesthetic “Male Statue Workout”. When he takes his “David” pose he really does look liek shaped in marble.

But our trainer Dima keeps the boy on a very tight leash. He does not tolerate any deviation from the foreseen shape and form. That means that the boy must also endure hundreds of whiplashes.

But strict discipline justifies itself: Alex will show shapes and forms that are exotic and extremely pleasant to watch.

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