Jony and Tommy are both 19 and the youngest boys in our stable. We took these two beauties as they were training in our gladiator camp and decided to pitch them against each other in a brutal competition called the “Labours of Hercules” – the workout session designed according to the same legend.

It is usually an intimate session between a boy and his trainer where the boy must impress the trainer who acts the cruel King, who, according to the legend made Hercules go through a series of impossible chores. In this training both boys act as hercules and they are in competition with each other.

Tommy seems weaker and more slender. Will he survive the competition against much stronger and muscular Jony. Or is it stamina that counts where Tommy seems to have an advantage? Let’s see. But now let’s describe the competition and its rules.

The training is conducted naked and outdoors in the garden of our villa. The boys can wear only a slave collar and a cockring. As they compete to impress a “King” the first the boys need to respectfully greet the King and their master. They kneel, stretching their arms and pressing their forehead on the stone tiles of the garden. The training starts.

The first job for the Hercules was to “Kill the Nemean Lion” – this requires the strength of arms and chest while keeping the thighs open that Hercules probably also needs to fulfil his task.

The boys will need to do shoulder presses to the failure while keeping their thighs apart. They must move fast: the boy who can master more reps is going to be the winner.

As Jony is stronger he is given heavier weights. Somehow he fails to keep his cock at attention and his thighs are not as wide as with Tommy.

So, the boy must get on all fours as he is whipped with a paddle. But the trainer found something faulty with Tommy as well, so the boy who thought he escaped the whipping, must also get on all fours.

The boys start to get that the trainer “the King” is extremely hard to be impressed in this training. If the winner made even the slightest mistake, he will also be punished. Moving on.

The next chore of Hercules was killing the Lernean Hydra.

To symbolize the heads of the Hydra, the boys need to perform the plogh pose raises. We want the legs move all the way up and then the boys must bring them apart. And so again and again.

Tommy’s legs move definitely faster and seem to be more flexible. This means that Jony must again assume the punishment pose:

The boys abs are beaten in the hip rase position. This way the boy’s abs are fully flexed during the punishment that maximises the effect of each lash.

The third chore of Hercules was to capture the Hind of Ceryneia. This means speed.

Like Hercules in ancient time, the boys must run in the heat of the Greece sun. They may not stop and they must keep a very fast tempo. Compared to Hercules the boys are in the better position: while there was no-one to motivate Hercules, the boys are constantly motivated by the trainers whip that seems to be very helpful in keeping boys running fast.

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But not fast enough for the trainer, who lashes their lazy thighs with riding crop as a punishment. Pay attention to the weights that the boys must hold for the punishment – these symbolise the horns of the Hind.

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But this is not all – look at the ancient picture carefully. Hercules seems to be using a javelin to catch the Hind. Therefore the boys were told to keep a complete erection – to symbolise the javelin – as they were running. As the boys lost their erections they must now get hard again as they are whipped on their hard cocks.

The next job for Hercules was to catch the Erymathinan Boar. That requires extreme strength and power. So we have a special task for the boys as well.

The boys must now perform 50 squats, followed by 50 push-ups, 2 minute plank and 50 squats and 50 push ups again. They must be fast, they must be correct. They are whipped constantly as they perform their task. The trainer is merciless as he keeps whipping the two muscular boys to perform faster.

The punishment? 50 lashes on the pecs as the boys must accept it with hard-on to show their appreciation and gratitude for their discipline.

This is perhaps one of the most famous chores of Hercules: cleaning the Augean Stables. We all know that Hercules directed a flow of a river to clean the stables. What could be a good exercise for two naked boys with hard on that would symbolise the powerful stream of a river?

You guessed it! Kneeling with their legs wide apart, the boys must perform a cumming competition. The stream of the river will be symbolised by the stream of their cum.

Tommy wins the competition and produces a copious amount of cum that we do not allow him to clean. It will stay on his abs.

Jony cums a little later and produces a very tiny amount. The boy knows that he will be whipped hard for this poor performance.

Although the trainer whips Jony first who must be in the “begging” position, he also tells Tommy to get in position. He explains that since the boys are to work out for the pleasure of others, it is important to ensure that after every cumming they are thoroughly punished to make sure that they pay a proper due for any forbidden pleasure they might derive from their ejaculation.

The next chore is a lot of fun. Hercules had to scare away the Stymphalian Birds.

We see that the birds are aggressive and Hercules has to adopt an intimidation tactics. What could fulfill the role of birds that attack our hero?

The boys must assume the pose of a scarecrow as the trainer attaches several clothespins on their upper bodies – like birds that are attacking their pray.

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The pins bite directly to the pecs and abs. The stress pose that the boys need to keep makes the skin stretch, causing even more pain, testing the boys thoroughly.

naked workout muscle men For the punishment the boys must assume the “Camel” pose, exposing their bitemarks. The trainer uses his accurate riding crop and firm hand to hit the boy directly where the pins bit him just moments ago.

To be continued…

We have also added a small gallery of photos.