UPDATED! In January Lukas Will Show Off His Developed Body

November 22nd, 2020

UPDATE! Some of our members wrote us saying that it would be helpful to have the pictures of the original statue and the statue that the boy is trying to depict compared. We have now added a gallery with the original statues to the post! Our favourite boy Lukas has developed nicely. His injury last […]


Who Will be the Next Model of the Year?

November 12th, 2020

The most important decision of the year is here! Who will be the next model of the year? Last year you chose by overwhelming vote Ruslan as the model of the year, but who of our boys will receive this title this year? When choosing please remember the following: The model of the year will […]


Milos: A New Puppy for us to Play With!

November 11th, 2020

In December we will have a “new puppy” for us to play with: his name is Milos. The boy is very slim – a nice change for extremely muscular Dorian. Underwear fans will not have to be disappointed as we work the boy out in the beginning with a set of underwear and then moving […]


Ivan’s Private Workout: Working Out to Entertain

November 8th, 2020

Ivan has been one of our most popular models. He has incredibly hot body, he is very strong and also a natural performer. At the request on one of our members we designed a special “private workout session” for him, and the aim was just to show off the boy from every angle. We then […]


November in Fitcasting: Showing Off Ivan and Much More

November 7th, 2020

In November we return to one of our most beautiful models and publish in the member section a private workout video that was previously available to a very small audience. This video was designed as a “Private Workout” with a goal to show of the boy: both his body and strength. Intense workouts interchange with […]


Dima is in Trouble! Special Punishment Pushes all the Limits

October 30th, 2020

It has always fallen upon Dima to test out our new workouts and punishments. This time is no different. When he is invited alone to Stas’ office in our makeshift Model School, the boy knows that something special is cooking. Stas explains the boy, that he is not at all happy with Dima’s performance and […]


Ruslan’s Weekend in Hell Continues: Abs Torture

October 25th, 2020

As you remember, we decided to invite our Model of the Year, Ruslan back for more “bonus shoots”. This time, we asked our members to devise the scenarios and we asked them to not hold back with anything. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, Ruslan had to go through 5 lengthy workouts. Having completed the […]


Focusing on Mark’s Cock: Lazy Boy Workout

October 23rd, 2020

Our young trainee Mark has received some mixed reviews. His boyish looks, blond hair, slender body surely have gained some compliments, but some of the members have still complained that he is not showing off enough. Instead of sporting a proud hard-on for his trainings, the boy’s cock is most of the time soft. So […]


Perfect Torture for Ruslan: Members’ Ideas

October 3rd, 2020

Ruslan is on the knees, his muscles are bulging, he is covered in sweat and he is presenting himself for the final assessment after the first workout in a new series “The Weekend in Hell”. His cock is throbbing and still dripping cum: the evidence that the boy enjoys to be put through his paces. […]


October in Fitcasting: New Boy Dorian is a Sensation

October 2nd, 2020

We are glad to welcome our new boy Dorian. His bulging muscles, veiny arms and impressive presence will hopefully please our members. We will start the castings with short underwear sessions and move on to our regular routines where our members can appreciate the full development of the model. There are so many ideas the […]


Coming in October: A Proper Training for Domantas

September 26th, 2020

It is the middle of the workout and Domantas adds the leg weights. His muscles are already aching and not only from intense workout but from the heavy use of whip by the trainer. Although we have worked Domantas out for countless times, this is a new situation for him but the trainer has decided […]


Andy and Dima in a Forced Workouts Classic

September 12th, 2020

This weekend the Model School will continue for Andy and Dima. Alex order young Andy on the terrace for a special workout that aims to train both his body and mind. And several hours earlier, Stas has done the same with Dima who had to go first. From what Andy must have heard from the […]


Dorian: A Hot New Boy for October

September 10th, 2020

We are so happy to share an amazing new model who we start casting for you in October, immediately after Dan’s casting is over. From the very first stretches in our office, we knew immediately that Dorian has every chance to be a new start of Fitcasting. His chest and abs are sculpted like a […]


September in Fitcasting: 6 New Workout Routines!

September 5th, 2020

September will definitely be hot in Fitcasting.com as we will release 6 completely new workout routines in addition to the ones that are already playing. We are updating the content with 4-5 new clips per day so there will be a lot to see. The first great news is that we will bring back Dima. […]


More Punishing Drills for Ruslan

August 31st, 2020

Ruslan, our Model of the Year is about to finish his “bonus shoot” – the special award given to our “Model of the Year”. We decided that the last workout for Ruslan’s bonus shoot should be related to entertainment. After all, he is here to entertain us. The boy assumes “the doggie” pose and awaits […]


Vasily: Stretches and Flexibility in Temple Boy Workout

August 19th, 2020

We have received a few critical reviews on the Temple Boy Workout – some members have said the the training lacks intensity and does not fully bring out the models’ potential. Very often the reason for this impression is that most of the bodybuilders are unable to fully display the demanding yoga poses. As Alex […]