In November we are very excited to start casting our new boy Tyler. But when we did his first casting we were so taken by the boy’s beauty that immediately after the first casting we wanted to shoot the Ganymede Training with the boy.

As you may remember, the Ganymede Training is inspired by the legend of Ganymede – the wine pourer of Zeus who stole a beautiful boy to serve his parties. In this training we let our fantasy go and we tried to figure how a wine pourer would be trained in real life, what are the moves he is taught?

Tyler with his incredible beauty but also amazing strength fits the role of “Ganymede” perfectly. We trained him long and hard and now we are very happy to bring to you an e-book – in case you cannot wait to explore the boy a little sooner than the start of the official casting.

The book is thorough: it has 150 pages and hundreds of photos. We wanted to take time and describe in real detail what goes into our trainings, how we keep the boys in line, what are the details that the trainer are watching and how the training is built. This could be a helpful source to guide your trainings at home as well.

This very detailed and thorough e-book is on sale in our e-shop! We hope you can add this to your collection and enjoy the beauty of Tyler in one of the hardest and most demanding exercises that we have created.

You can download the e-book here.