In February, we are very happy to bring back Adam and display his magnificent, muscular body for your pleasure in one of the most entertaining and popular workouts we have created: The Animal Kingdom Workout. We will make sure that between the sets the boy will display himself in stress poses so all the members can admire the results of the training.

The training itself is very simple – the boy must move accross the hall several times and imitate one particular animal. There are various movements that he must capture. We start the training out in the loincloth, but for the better effect, we then have the boy perform his training in nude: he is only allowed to wear a tight, spiked cock ring.

The ring will make the boy’s cock stand away from his body – constantly reminding that the boy is here to entertain as every part of his body is on display. The spikes in the cock ring will always cause the boy to keep his legs appropriately wide.

Adam’s strength is considerable. He moves across the hall graciously, his muscles bulging. He really makes an effort to keep his form and act the role, once he gets over the initial awkwardness, perhaps even humiliation.

What is so refreshing about this type of workout is that helps to cast the male body from angles that we are not traditionally used to look at it. Squatting, crawling, jumping, sneaking – this all is different from looking at the body while doing traditional exercises.

The training is hard for the boy as well, as he really does not have a good muscle memory for the exercises he is required to do. Naturally, the boy is required to display an erection throughout the session, so it is a relief as at the end of the training the boy is allowed to release some tension.

Another highlight in this February will be Jony’s training where the boy needs to learn underwear modelling. This is a fantasy workout from the “Model School Series and suggested by a member. In this training the boy must wear different type of underwear while following a very hard training routine with extremely specific instructions by the trainer.

The training starts by learning the routine. For this part, the boy really does not need any underwear, so he is made to wear a simple and very skimpy loincloth. The boy will now have to go through the routine that he needs to practice several times with a number of exotic pieces of undergarment.

The training is very intense, includes a lot of training and bodyweight exercises but also a lot of stretching. Dima is there with a whip at every stage. With every different pice of underwear the boy must follow a different rule:

With the simple white speedo, the boy’s task is to keep his private parts in the pants and not to cause any indecent “accidents” – given that he is made to wear a piece that is 1-2 numbers too small, keep an erection and go through intense cardio routine, the boy fails of course.

The second piece is a tight black mesh g-string. Here the boy’s task is to break the undergarment. The only way to achieve this task is to keep a very strong hard-on and do as intense stretches as possible. But the material is very elastic and we have selected the number that fits the boy comfortably. The boy fails here as well.

The third item the boy is made to wear is a piece of paper underwear familiar from spas and massage salons. Here the boy’s orders are not to break the piece of underwear. by now the boy is sweating profusely, that is only increasing from the jumping jacks and running drills that he is forced to perform. The boy must maintain an erection that very soon pierces a hole in the soft fabric. The item dissolves almost completely during hard training session. So the boy fails again.

The final piece is especially humiliating. The boy is given 2 numbers too large cock sock and he is told to fill it with his cock. Although his manhood is respectable, it is embarrassingly short for the lengthy material that runs inches and inches long. Again, the boy’s efforts are inadequate.

The trainer deals with each of the boy’s failures immediately after every set. For this the trainer has set up a special punishment bench where the boy must display himself naked to receive his punishment. Jony “deserves” his punishment after every set. This gives him some rest to prepare for the next round, while we can admire his magnificent body from every possible angle!

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