We have chosen two very beautiful boys in the Gladiator School to compete in one of the harshest workouts that we have designed. Originally designed for more muscular and more experienced guys, it will be fun to watch how these two athletic young men struggle in the Hercules Workout.

The boys get naked and kneel in front of their trainer. They are allowed to wear only slave collars and cock rings. Today, they play through the legend of Hercules who had to perform 12 chores to impress a capricious king. The role of king is played by Dima, our strict and unforgiving trainer.

We have designed a workout where every set is symbolising one of the chores assigned to Hercules. Both boys must compete with each other, but they find out pretty soon that their trainer is not impressed by either of them, so very often both of them must face the punishments.

The training is conducted outdoors, in the heat of the Greek sun – a tribute to this beautiful country with his many legends. The trainer uses paddle, flogger and riding crop to keep the boys in line and motivated.

This is a real feast and yet another forced workout classic published as Christmas Special Edition.

We are also continuing training our beautiful Domantas. The training session that we put the boy through this time is called “Abs Torment Workout” and is pretty self-explanatory.

The naked boy is forced through endless sets of exercises concentrating exclusively on his abs. The trainer holds a whip. If the boy loses his tempo or form, he will immediately feel the whip on his abs.

The goal here is to exhaust the boy and push him to the limit. Between the sets the boy is allowed to take breaks, but there is a trick. During the breaks the boy must present his abs for gut punching. After every set of abs exercises he is more exhausted, yet during breaks the boy must again flex his exhausted abs to defend himself from the trainer’s punches. When the break is over the exercise resumes.

Now, the whip is targeting the boy’s abs as he performs his reps. If you enjoy good abs this is a training for you to watch. The boy earns a special bonus to soothe his burning abs after the exercise.

Gary and Yaroslav continue their Erogenous Zone training – an intimate feast of very hard physical workout where every set is somehow meant to stimulate the boys’ erogenous zones.

In this training we especially enjoy Yaroslav, who seems to be in a good shape and constantly motivated and excited to please his trainer.

Last but not least, you will also be able to continue enjoying Adam as he practices for holding the Shiiko Dachi pose – one of our most usual punishment that we like to give the boys. In this training the boy has not done anything wrong, but he will experience the punishment in advance, learning to avoid the mistakes in the future.

Shiik Dachi pose is both hard and humiliating. The boy must stand naked, all his body exposed in an awkward stress pose. To his horror, the boy also learns that he is expected to keep an erection during the punishment.

As this is the first experienced for the boy to go through forced workouts, we are going to be more lenient and to help him keep the required hardon, the boy is made to wear cockring, but even this does not help sometimes. Now, the punishment is earned…

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