Happy New Year, dear friends! We are also pleased to announce the winner of the title Fitcasting 2021 Model of the Year – Andy! He won by overwhelming amount of votes.

his performance over the last year has been truly amazing. Throughout Model School series he proved to be one of the most entertaining and impressive models. We are continuing to publish this material also in the new year. He proved his devotion but also humility in the epic “floor cleaning” scene from the model school.

We have always admired his form. Never to slack off, always at the peak shape – every rep pronounced and perfect.

As you may know – the title “Model of the Year” means that the boy will have to go through at least 10 “bonus shoots” in the coming year. Usually we add more than 10 shoots, depending on the ideas we want to push the boy. 5 scenarios will be traditional Fitcasting scenarios, but customised to be harder and tougher on the boy. 5 scenarios will be suggested by the members and no idea is out of the limits. Andy is waiting for your suggestions – write us at agency@fitcasting.com

Andy learned that he has been chosen Model of the Year in the gym as he arrived what he thought would be a regular training session. But we explained that in order to receive the “model of the Year” title the boy would need to prove that he can handle all the hard trainings that he is going to face. To “accept” his award the boy had to go through our “Hard Cardio Workout” routine.

This workout has it all: intense routine where cardio changes with core exercises and stress poses, muscle posing and worhisp, whipping and gut punches, special “stamina” show off and much more. If he can handle this training, he can handle everything!

Andy’s ordeal starts in January – enjoy!