As you remember, we decided to invite our Model of the Year, Ruslan back for more “bonus shoots”. This time, we asked our members to devise the scenarios and we asked them to not hold back with anything. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, Ruslan had to go through 5 lengthy workouts. Having completed the Special 25 Workout on Friday evening, the boy went to rest. He was staying with us in our penthouse apartment.

As the boy came down on the Saturday morning we told him, that the rest of the training will be conducted in the apartment. For the next two days he will stay naked and his schedule will be strict: the boy will spend most of the time working out (twice a day 4 hours per workout, together with preparation and pauses); he will have five 10-minute pauses for strictly calibrated meals; some rest and for the remainder of the time he will be expected to practice posing.

For the first morning training we chose a specially cruel routine designed by one of our members (“M.P”) who wanted us to focus on Ruslan’s abs. The exercise has altogether 5 rounds, each round consisting of 6 sets and an extra part.

The Round 1 has 10 reps of each exercise. We start with V-crunches and proceed to Side Crunches or Russian Twists. The boy is expected to work fast.

To keep the boy motivated, the trainer holds the whip. If the trainee slows down, the trainer will use a riding crop to “motivate” the boy to speed up to the required tempo. Twists are followed by 10 leg raises.

This is followed by 10 Knee tuck crunches.

This is followed by 10 simple sit-ups. At the end of the round the boy starts to lose tempo. This means that the trainer’s whip lands more often and more intensely on the boy’s abs.

The last set is 10 bicycle crunches, which gets the sweat breaking out a little.

Sounds easy? Wait for the twist. At the end of the round the boy must keep his legs raised for 30 seconds. The trainer counts the seconds by punching the boy in the abs every second. The boy may not lower the legs, if he does, he will get an extra punch for every time the legs touched the floor plus for every second the legs remained on the floor, as the trainer keeps counting the seconds and punches.

This is a fun way of making the trainee to flex his abs and actually demonstrating the results of the workout in real time. We are glad thet we chose this exercise for the morning – as you can see from Ruslan’s face, this seems to be a great wake up as well!

The boy is exhausted. But this is just the first round! The trick is that after every round, the number of the reps increases.

In the second round the boy must do 15 V-crunches and all the other sets are also now at 15 reps. At the end of the round, he must now keep his legs up from the floor for 40 seconds!

In the third round, the boy must make 20 reps of each exercise. You can notice that his tempo starts to slower considerably, meaning more whipping.

At the end of the third round, the boy must keep his legs up while being punched in the abs for 50 seconds!

In the fourth round, we increase again the number of the reps. This time the boy must complete 25 reps of each of the 6 exercises. The boy’s face betrays exhaustion. So the trainee keeps whipping the trainee’s thighs to keep him in the required tempo.

Anther the fourth round, the boy must keep his legs up for a full minute! The trainer aims his punches at the most vulnerable part of the trainee’s abdominal: the lower abs.

The fifth and last round means that the boy must now complete 30 reps of each exercise! Now the whipping almost never stops. The boy needs a lot of motivation to get through the last round.

And as a final twist, in the and of the fifth round the boy must keep his legs up for whole 120 seconds! This does not mean only extremely long and arduous muscle work, but it means 120 gut punches!

For the most part, the boy has kept up his legs quite nicely. He has almost no punishments accumulated, until now. He does just fine for the first minute, but after about 60th punch he breaks down.

But the trainer is merciless. The boy wipes his tears and continues with the position.

Literally at the last minute, we managed to break the boy. Previously he had accumulated just 10 penalty points, but this last session added 30 more. But before we move on, we have the boy to pose for us. showing off the results of the training.

We now tell the boy to stand against the stairwell and keep his arms behind the back. He will receive 40 additional gut punches for lowering his legs during the main reps. The trick is, that for the punishment, the boy must remain absolutely silent and motionless.

The boy is exhausted. By now, he has completed 600 reps of various abs exercises and received 300 gut punches, not to count hundreds of lashes with riding crop. 40 gut punches may sound easy, but given the baggage from the earlier session, the boy’s abs are probably extremely sensitive even to simple touch, not to mention the punch.

For some time, the trainee is holding up quite well, but ultimately he moves and also lets go a few screams and moans. Like here: turning the head almost 90 degrees while receiving punishment is not allowed, not to mention the moaning.

This means that although the training could be ended by now, the boy’s own mistakes have earned him additional punishment. Now, on top of 40 gut punches he will receive 40 whip lashes as a punishment for failing to correctly receive the punishment.

As the boy’s pecs are turning slightly red under the trainer’s riding crop we can enjoy the boy’s exhausted abs performing a dance for us.


At the end of the training we want to continue admiring the boy’s abs. At the suggestion of the author of the exercise, we have the boy on the knees, in the Heron pose, sporting a full erection.


As we admire our work, the boy is told to bring himself to climax – offering us the final play of abs. During the seconds when the cum lands on the boy’s abs, he probably does not have a muscle group in his body that is not flexed.


Starting from his hardened nipples, bounced pecs veiny shoulders, biceps and triceps, his spread thighs and bent back – this is by far the best way to show off  the boy.

It is also a great way for the trainee to show his appreciation for the attention and efforts of his trainers.

And then, after 3 hours of intense workout it is time to shower off the sweat, tears and cum. Good morning, boy!

Ruslan: Abs Torture Workout, the second title in the “Weekend in Hell series” starts playing on 1 November 2020.