It has always fallen upon Dima to test out our new workouts and punishments. This time is no different. When he is invited alone to Stas’ office in our makeshift Model School, the boy knows that something special is cooking. Stas explains the boy, that he is not at all happy with Dima’s performance and especially with his form.

Models need to keep a perfect form and if they fail they need to be taught a lesson. And Stas has found an especially effective way to drive home his point. The trainer starts with Shiiko Dachi pose. The beginning of the session is usual: he attaches some heavy wristweights (Dima expects that this means he must keep his arms up) and strokes the boy’s cock hard. But what follows is surprising, but effective. Look at our trainee – he is standing in perfect shiiko dachi!

His legs are lowered just to the right uncomfortable height. His abs and back are flexed and perfectly upright. His nipples are hard. How was Stas able to force his trainee into such a perfect pose? First, he attached a special cockring to the boy.

He places a 5-liter water tank directly under the boy. Stas ties one end of a rope above the cockring and attaches the other end to the watertank, tying the boy just low enough to force him into perfectly uncomfortable shiiko dachi squat – not low but not high. Just between full squat and standing, where the pressure to the muscles is the greatest.

But that does not explain the perfect back and chest. There is something forcing the boy to flex his back and abs, push out the chest in perfect pose. And if you look carefully, the boy’s buttocks are perfectly clenched.

This is the key. To keep the boy completely flexed, Stas inserts a smaller butt-plug that forces the boy stand upright, fully flexed. he must keep his buttocks clenched as he is forbidden to lose the plug while squatting. We also want to see his biceps, triceps and shoulders fully flexed – this is why the boy has wrist weights.

The boy breaks into sweat almost immediately and he is trying really hard. But of course nobody can hold on indefinitely. And after some time Dima feels the whip on his abs and nipples to correct the pose.

Stas wants to see the chest pushed out. Dima seemed to forget it, so to remind him, Stas is attaching some nipple clamps on the boy’s nipples.

Look at that! Perfect pose.

All the next exercises follow the same style. Stas wants to see his trainee flexed, at attention in perfect form. Squats follow – and what we see? To keep the perfect form, Dima again has to keep a butt-plug inserted, while he is performing the squats. His whole body seems to be holding it in.

When squats are hard, while keeping in a butt-plug, the jumping jacks are harder! Dima is completely concentrated and focused and the results are fun to watch.

The next exercise continues with training the concentration. Again, the boy is made to squat, but now he has a key tied to the plug that he needs to keep in his ass. His goal is to perform flawless squats, but not only. On top of that, for a squat to count, he must aim it so accurately that the key that is dangling on a rope attached to his butt plug, must find its way into the water tank. The water-tank’s mouth is quite tiny, so it is not an easy task at all.

It is now time to try the strength. Stas ties a 2-liter water bottle to the rope, he attaches the other end to the butt plug. This time the rope is considerably shorter.

Again, the boy must squat, but this time his goal is to get the water bottle to touch the floor, while keeping it dangling on a rope that is tied to his butt plug. He must use all the strength of his anal muscles to keep the butt-plug in. The trick is that Stas has tied the bottle on quite a short rope. This means that the boy must squat very low, for the squat to count. The lower the squat, the harder it is to keep the butt plug in.

It is now time to move to the abs. The sit-ups are ordinary enough, but just to keep those abs flexed perfectly at every minute, Stas has selected quite a substantial dildo that the boy must ride during his sit-ups.

The boy seems to be really enjoying this!

After all this stimulation it is only humane that Dima is told to cum. He complies gladly.

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