UPDATE! Some of our members wrote us saying that it would be helpful to have the pictures of the original statue and the statue that the boy is trying to depict compared. We have now added a gallery with the original statues to the post!

Our favourite boy Lukas has developed nicely. His injury last year has completely healed and he has now worked hard to get his body back in shape and we must say that he has done a marvellous job. His pecs are now much better defined, his biceps stronger and his abs well defined as always.

We decided to show off the boy in the “Male Statue” workout – we think that keeping motionlessly 10 famous statues is a great exercise but also gives you a chance to really appreciate the boy’s development over the recent months. Let’s take a look at what the boy was able to show us. The first statue is “David”:

This is not a bad result. We were particularly happy that from the first minutes of the training the boy was able to demonstrate his motivation and concentration by keeping almost constant erection. Of course, the trainer’s riding crop was there to remind him the importance of a perfect pose. The next pose is “Surrender”:

Another perfect performance. Of course, he earns whiplashes – that is just the way we train the boys but overall, this is a great pose and clearly his concentration and motivation to please his trainer is well on display. Next pose: “Flute Player”:

One can almost hear the sound of a boy entertaining his master and his guests during a party. The master who possesses such a flute player would not be ashamed. The pose also gives us a chance to appreciate how much work the boy has done on his biceps and triceps. Next pose: “Bacchus”

We like that the boy really goes into the role. Some fitness models find it hard to embody statues – they are doing the exercises but not really projecting the mood of being works of art. We can see that Lukas really puts an effort to his performance. Of course he is punished after every set to motivate to perform better, but this is only good for him.

After every set the trainer still finds some reason to have the boy on the knees, legs spread to receive his punishment in form of gut punching or belly spanking. And of course, to keep satisfactory muscle tone, before every exercise, the boy needs to perform push-ups.

Next pose: “Discus Thrower”. This is not an easy pose to keep, earning the boy several whiplashes. Intense whipping leads to another problem, the boy loses his focus and with this his erection – leading to more punishments.

Next pose: “Kneeling Man”. It is hard to convey this somewhat abstract piece of art, but Lukas tries and thanks to his trainer’s strict style delivers an acceptable form.

Next pose: “Javelin Thrower”. Wow. Look at that – when we though the boy is about to give up he delivers such a beautiful pose that is almost better than the original.

Moving on: “The Hero”. The process of getting Lukas in the perfect pose is so much fun to watch. It is a perfect cooperation between the boy and his trainer. Look at the starting pose:

And look at the end result: Like a sculptor, the trainer is using his whip to mold the perfect statue. Abs sucked in, chest out, ass out, back arched arms eagle-spread, head up.


Next pose: “Athlete”. It is a great way to take another look of the boy’s body. The whole upper body is working – the boy is inviting us to admire him.

And the final pose: “Atlas” – the ultimate symbol of unfair tasks. And the boy really looks as if he is carrying the whole weight of the world on his shoulders. But the trainer has one more cruel surprise – as the boy is told to keep erection also for this position the trainer wants to put the boy truly under test and starts whipping the boy’s cock and balls to make the task really difficult and worthy of the suffering of Atlas.

Lukas takes his final test like a man and shows that even under whipping he will keep up his motivation! The boy has finally earned his prize!

Lukas: Male Statue Workout will start playing on 16 January 2021.