We could not be happier to have Aleksandr back at Fitcasting.com. Aleksandr is one of the most popular models on Fitcasting.com. He has truly magnificent body and as we know he is not afraid to show it off. He likes to push himself with very hard workouts and indeed on Fitcasting.com he has been through some very hard routines. But just when we thought we had pushed him to the maximum and worked to the limit, Aleksandr returns to accept toughest challenge yet on Fitcasting.com. The workout he chose is not only hard, but is designed to show off his magnificent body under considerable physical stress. That is why the workout is called “Stress Position Workout”. The rules are tough: (1) The model may only wear underwear; (2) He must stay on his knees for 45 minutes; (3) While on his knees he must hold light weights in four “signals” position as instructed by the supervisor; (5) The positions are the following: arms held up, stretched at the elbows; arms stretched straight up above his head; arms stretched straight in front and arms stretched straight at the sides; (6) He is not allowed to rest his arms, this means that he may only keep them in those four positions; (7) not only is he allowed to rest, but he must keep the perfect position: the arms must be completely straight and motionless; (8) if he fails to keep perfect position this means additional penalty. This sounds simple, but is very hard indeed. In minutes the model is covered in sweat and is struggling to keep the positions. We could not think of a better way to showcase this adonis. You can find some screen caps in the gallery. Join us for full workout that has started to run now.