Some of you may have noticed recent changes in our content. As per request from a lot of members, we have now switched to publishing longer clips at a time. This means that instead of daily three 3-minute clips the members will receive 1 12-15 minute clip.

This will get more content out sooner – instead of waiting for 1 month or more to get the whole series, you will have to wait only 1 week. Time wise, it will be still the same amount of content, if not more. We will have 3-4 monthly new videos. This change will hopefully make you also better follow the scenarios: we will let the set or punishment session to play out in full, instead of artificially cutting it.

We hope you like the updates we bring to the site. Write us to and let us know what do you think.

And we have more good news: we have just finished a Triple Sets Workout with Domantas, who looks better than ever. The boy is ready to present himself to all our members very soon! Here is also a short photo preview of the session.