Image of hot muscle men showing off their hot muscle physiques

Hot muscles of Andy are put through some very hard exercises in this new autumn season opener: The Jumping Jacks Tryout

We love to train this hot muscle boy. His perfect body and attitude is a great combo that every forced workouts trainer wants to see in their boys.

Photo of hot muscle men showing off their hot muscle physiques at the gym

The training starts with Andy standing naked in “full present” pose in front of the trainer. This is a chance to take a good look at the boy’s hot muscle progress. He has grown even more hot muscle than previous time he trained with us. The boy must go through a very thorough posing session.

Image of hot muscle men displaying their well-defined butt muscles during a workout

The trainer lashes a muscle group and the boy needs to present it. That includes, chest, abs, biceps, back, legs and also the ass. The trainer makes the boy go through the posing session for several “rounds”. The boy is sweating just from the posing.

Image of hot sexy muscle guy posing to showcase his well-defined physique

Then comes a surprise: before getting to the workout, the boy is ordered to cum. He must make sure that the cum lands on his body. He will have to “wear” it throughout the workout. But there is another reason why the trainer made the boy cum, but we will learn about it in due course.

Photo featuring a male muscle model displaying his hot gay muscle physique in a studio shoot

This jumping jacks training is tailored for the muscle guy

Like in every cardio workout that we have designed, the general idea is very simple: the boy is in competition with himself. The training has several rounds, each following a bit harder for the boy, but the trainer always expects the boy to beat his previous result. The boy is surprised, if not alarmed that for the first set, he is made to wear a pretty sophisticated ball stretcher with a chain. Dutifully, he attaches the instrument around his balls and starts the reps.

Picture of muscular men showcasing their hot muscle bodies in a fitness setting

The first round has 100 jumping jacks and the boy must complete them in absolute maximum tempo. The trainer is right there with a whip to lash over his hot muscles to “motivate” the boy if he thinks the boy has been slacking off. Now comes the first trick: the trainer tells the boy to cum, but he only gives the boy 5 minutes.

The sweaty boy tries to fulfil the trainer’s order, but he fails to cum in assigned 5 minutes. This of course is treated as disobedience and the boy must submit to punishment. The first punishment is whipping directly on the cock that the boy must present in Shiiko Dachi Pose.

Image featuring hot muscle hunks showing off their hot muscles in a gym environment

The second punishment is maybe even worse

Before the next set of jumping jacks the trainer tells Andy to add ball weights – that will perhaps motivate the boy to cum in correct time in the next round! To make the boy push himself a little, the trainer now adds the heaviest leg weights as well.

The boy must now make another 100 jumping jacks. The boy should not forget, that his previous time was recorded by the trainer. The exercise was done in maximum tempo, but the trainer expects the boy to beat his result from the previous round. With additional ball weight as the punishment for not cumming properly, but also with heavy leg weights, this proves a difficult task. The dangling ball weight is pulling painfully with every jump.

Photo of guys with muscles flexing

Ball weight hanging between his legs, the boy awaits the results of the round in Shiiko Dachi pose. When the trainer takes the whip and starts lashing the boy’s things, he knows that he missed the time. Both thighs of the boy will be whipped as a punishment for missing the mark in jumping jacks.

naked muscular men flexing and showing

After punishment for failure to meet set targets in jumping jacks, the boy is ordered to cum again. He has 5 minutes. He fails again. This means more whipping and even heavier ball weights for the third round of 100 jumping jacks.

hot gay muscle guy showing his abs

Now we see already two weights dangling between the boy’s legs

The boy is ready to start jumping jacks, but he is in for another surprise. Before he is allowed to start the jumping jacks to beat the result in the first round, the boy is told to do 100 fast squats!

Image of muscle guys demonstrating their strength and physique in a gym workout scene

But the trainer is not over even now! The man adds wrist weights on the boy before he is allowed to start his third round of jumping jacks.

Image of a muscle guy highlighting his hot muscle physique during an intense gym workout

Two painful ball weights, additional leg weights and wrist weights, the boy must beat his record time from the first round. Although the trainer uses his whip to motivate the boy, he fails to meet the set target.

Picture of guys with muscles confidently posing

The boy also fails to cum in set time, so he must face yet another series of punishments for his bad performance having his hot muscles displayed in Shiiko Dachi pose.

Photo of hot muscular guys flexing

Before the boy is allowed to do the next round of jumping jacks, the trainer orders him to do a fast set of abs crunches. And even then, the boy is not allowed to continue.

sexy muscle men showing muscles

First he must add more ball weights and three clothespins on both nipples. Then the boy may proceed to start beating his time from the first round.

Image of hot muscle hunks showcasing their chiseled physiques during an gym session

Andy will not succeed in this time either. Again, the boy must face more punishments. Before the final round, the trainer has him perform both squats and sit-ups and he adds his favourite exercise – “The Wheel”.

sexy muscle guys

Wearing both pins on his nipples and weights on the balls, the boy must perform exercises on the wheel beautifully displaying his hot muscles. The trainer keeps motivating the boy with his whip.

Photo featuring hot muscular guys posing to highlight their well-defined muscles in a gym setting

Only then is Andy allowed to start his exercises again – but the trainer also adds a heavy back pack

The beauty of forced workouts is training the boys to the limit absolute obedience, no matter how absurd, impossible or humiliating the task. It is absolutely clear to everyone, probably including to the boy that having done 3 sets of hard exercises, carrying extra weight, plus wrist weights, ankle weights and painful and ball weights it is close to impossible for the boy to beat his record from the first set. But Andy obeys. He does not question the trainer’s orders. He does not protest to the unfairness of the task. With humiliating ball weights dangling between his legs, hurting his balls and cock the boy displays himself and starts his exercise. He has developed a perfect slave mentality.

naked muscular men

The boy fails miserably. His final punishment is hard. He must free himself from weights and backpack to have more naked skin where the trainer’s whip could reach. But he must keep the ball weights.

hot muscular guys

After final punishment, the boy must display once more – so that we can admire the results of this very very hard training. This will hopefully become another forced workouts classic. Let us know how can we improve the workout? Perhaps it was too easy? What could we add to make the routine even more challenging for the boys. We have autumn shoots coming up – so let us know your ideas and write us at


We have added a small preview gallery of Andy’s new training.