Hot trainee Andrew is ready to start the New Year at We cannot wait to put his muscular body through some of our hardest trainings.

Andrew is already quite an experienced male model. The fun with training him is pushing him out of his regular comfort zone and really trying to find his limits in gym. He has great body, can he take the pressure of our trainings?

The new year brings some updates to the casting routine. We have left it mostly unchanged, but in some instances changed the order of the poses. For our underwear fans, there is an intro section where the model poses in underwear, we will then immediately move to flexibility and full body presentation.


We want the full body presentation to be complete so that our members will immediately get a general understanding of the trainee’s body, including its most intimate parts.

This, as usual are followed by several gym routines and posing and stretching sessions. It must be said that Andrew is a perfect trainee to test out the fresh routine and you can see that with every movement he is eager to impress our members to earn those maximum points in feedback.

When someone would ask based on the first impression, what is our favourite muscle group in Andy’s body, then we must definitely point out his abs. They are massive, well defined, flawless. His lower abs go so deep into pubic area that it is not possible to fully present them in underpants. This is truly impressive and it wets our appetite to test those abs in some of the harshest abs trainings. But could he take harsh trainings? This is where the final improvement of the first casting comes in.

Since our trainings often include punishments and our trainees are often motivated by whips, it is important to test the trainee’s pain tolerance immediately in the first casting. That is why in section where the trainee must pose in stress poses, we have included an element of pain tolerance by making the trainee sport a few clothespins.

Andrew passed his first casting with very good marks. We cannot wait to put those muscles through some very hard workouts soon.

Let us know what do you think or our newest trainee at – do not forget to include training ideas and recommendations.

We have also included a preview gallery of Andy in the member section!