Dominik - Hot male model

We have had very positive feedback for our newest hot male model Dominik.

We cannot be happier to have presented a boy who pleases our members. Although the boy’s casting received some of the highest marks in history, there was an aspect in the boy’s posture that we were not entirely happy about and we decided that we need to bring in a trainer to polish the boy’s presentation. And that is why the boy finds himself kneeling in front of a stern trainer.

hot male model

We noticed that during the first casting our gorgeous trainee had an issue with keeping an erection. This is a serious deviation from the required form in presentation and the boy will immediately learn that his perfect looks are not going to make his life any easier in trainings. We decided that as a first training after casting the boy must go through a thorough cock training.

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The boy must present himself in 4 different stress poses while holding water bottles: arms at 90 degrees, arms up, arms at the side and arms in front. There will be 3 rounds of hot male model posing, the boy must hold each pose 3 times. While in stress pose, the boy must also sport a hard-on. In fact, we explain that is the most important aspect of the pose. Exposing his body with erection shows respect towards our members and the boy will develop an early understanding that he is here to entertain our members.

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As the boy struggles to keep the required form in the stress pose, our members can really take some time and admire the body.

Pay attention to a small detail – the boy is holding a sparkling and a still water. Imagine him as a houseboy, offering water to a guest, asking politely “Still or sparkling, Sir?” As the guest takes time to decide the boy keeps his pose.

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But you know that our trainings are full of twists. The first twist is that we do not want to make the boy’s life easy. In between stress poses, that are exhausting themselves, we have the boy perform series of push-ups and sit ups. This helps to get some beautiful “pump” in the boy’s muscles. Yes, it makes keeping the stress poses harder in the long run, but this kind of hard training will be only good for the boy.

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We love the boy’s attitude.

There are no complaints, the boy is respectful, even submissive. We even teach him to properly count the push-ups: the rep counts when cock touches the floor. The boy dutifully obliges. It is nice to see his push-ups – perfect form, perfect speed, wonderful strength. But – we are still having problems with the erection.

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When after first round of stress pose and push-ups the boy is ordered to stand and “present” himself the look in his eye tells it all: the boy knows he has disappointed us. There is some extra pump in his cock but this is not by far the result we expected. This is time we introduce the boy to the second “twist” in our training. We explain that boys who do not follow orders will have to be punished. To introduce Dominik to the concept of punishment we have chosen gut punches as his abs are very inviting.

top male model

The boy is told that he will receive 15 hard punches in the abs after every round when his “form” is not absolutely perfect. We expect completely motionless stress pose and fully erect cock throughout the set. The boy must count each punishment punch and he must add the word “Sir!” after every number counted. Dutifully, the boy obeys.

model man

After second set, we have the boy take his punishment on the knees. His cock is still shy. The trainer punches hard and we can enjoy the play as his fist comes in contact with the boy’s strong, perfect abs.

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In the third set, we are seeing the first results of the training and probably punishment. By now the boy’s abs have started to turn slightly red, but cock at the beginning of the exercise is rock hard. Good boy!

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We like to see how much the boy wants to please us.

Eagerly he is stroking himself hard before every round. His results are improving fast as the workout and punishment sessions continue. Seeing how well the punishment works, the boy will not escape punishment after any set, as the trainer always notices some small mistake.

hottest male model

The session is enjoyable as you will witness visible progress in boy’s introduction to the world of forced workouts.

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By the end of the training, the boy poses for us, showing off the results of the training. His abs, after having received a total of 180  are now bright red, but the boy’s cock is rock hard.

Please also find a small preview photo gallery.

Starting july 1st: Hot Male Model “Dominik: Cock Training” will premiere in videos section.