When Dominik appeared in the hallway in his T-shirt and jeans, we could immediately tell this hot guy has an amazing body

Hot guy and new boy Dominik entering the locker room for casting session

When he removed his shirt in the changing room, we got a look at his perfect abs. This is going to be special. We couldn’t wait to put not only his perfect abs but also his chest, biceps, and the rest of this hot guy’s amazing body under test in our hard First Casting Training Routine.

Hot guy and hot male Dominik changing outfits during casting session

To get the boy more used to the workout and filming, we started in shorts. The boy was comfortable in gym. We loved his moves, they showed that he is not in the gym for the first time.

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One aspect of his body caught our immediate attention: the boy’s lower abs. We are normally very critical about our boys’ lower abs, this is one of the hardest muscle groups to get in perfect shape, but here we could see a perfect set of abs down to the groin.

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This was just the perfect time to get the boy ini underwear

Yes, the abs are perfect, but so are the thighs, biceps, and chest. This hot guy is a perfect specimen. Time to remove the underwear!

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When the boy started his chest flies – the first exercise in nude we were happy with the view. The boy’s completely shaved body was in front of us in full glory and we could not find a flaw. Even the boy’s manhood showed promise.

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The first nude workout is always awkward. To help the boy overcome his discomfort we make him take highly revealing poses – this is by far the best way to make clear to the boy what is expected of him. The boy responds well.

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But when we have the boy in Shiiko Dachi pose where he is expected to show erection, we start noticing a problem. The boy’s discomfort is too great to sport and sustain an erection.

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We can see that the boy makes some progress in the second part of the casting, but the result is far from satisfactory. It is time to learn the rules.

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We have the boy in “Doggie pose” as we explain him that although his body is perfect, he did not perform to the perfection

If he wants to continue in our stable, he must submit to the rules. For this performance, he must be punished if he wishes to continue to be trained. The boy had a choice: either to leave immediately or to signal his agreement with the rules and punishment to kneel in St.Andrews pose in front of the trainer to regret his mistake.

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Well-well. Looks like the training continues… The boy was left “after-hours” for special training and punishment. We decided to use a traditional training session as a punishment and way to teach the boy to keep an hard on.

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As the boy’s abs are so perfect we decided to use those as the target for our punishment. For disappointment in the casting session, the boy was to receive some gut punches. And we say “some” we mean a lot. As he was punished, the boy was also explained that all our members expect the boys to show their erection. This is a mark of respect and obedience.

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And we are happy to report that the punishment worked! You are able to finally see the boy’s cock in its full glory.

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And by the end of the day, the boy’s abs may be bright red from all the punches, but his cock stays rock hard for our members to admire. Welcome to the stable, boy!

Here is a short preview of the casting session with the hot guy: