Ruslan is on the knees, his muscles are bulging, he is covered in sweat and he is presenting himself for the final assessment after the first workout in a new series “The Weekend in Hell”. His cock is throbbing and still dripping cum: the evidence that the boy enjoys to be put through his paces. The boy has just finished his “25 Workout” a familiar routine, but modified to make it harder just for him. This is just an introduction to weekend that the boy will probably never forget.

This is his second “bonus session” as the model of the year. When the first session was all about the ideas that we wanted to test on the boy, the second session is about the members. For several months after the announcement of the model of the year, all our members were invited to suggest their own workout ideas as a “bonus” for Ruslan. We selected 5 of the hardest and cruellest to really test the boy. As Ruslan listens to what awaits him, he gets visibly excited.

This is a boy who enjoys the workouts as hard as they come. He is happy to comply with the hardest demands and this is why we called this session “Ruslan’s Weekend in Hell”. In the next months you will see how Ruslan spent a 3-day weekend going through 5 of the hardest workouts possible. All the workouts were designed by our members specially for Ruslan.

We start from the easiest: The 25 workout is a classic, but one of our members, who happens to be the original author of the training, decided to make the training more harder for Ruslan. he added 5 additional reps after short break, to disrupt the rhythm.

In addition to the added reps, the member also increased the weights. And Ruslan “happily” complied. There were a few additional requests that the member wanted the boy to complete.



And this is just the start. Ruslan: “25 Workout” starts playing in 4 October!