We spice up the October by bring to you a new training theme: the Gladiators. Our first experiments with more exotic and entertaining workouts (Ganymede and Animal) received very good feedback and we decided to continue to expand on the ancient theme. This month we will introduce the Gladiator theme.

For this exotic workout we bring back our very popular Michal who will start his “Gladiator Abs Challenge” on 6 October and will continue this brutal challenge during every weekend. We will publish a detailed workout routine and description in the blog accessible to members only, but we can reveal that it has three key components: strength, entertainment and pain tolerance – everything that one could expect from a gladiator training.

But this is not all: Stas and Dmitry will continue their competition and this time, it will also be on the Gladiator theme and it is called simply the Gladiator Challenge. Also, we will publish a detailed description of this highly watchable workout in our member blog. It is fun to watch how trainees really push themselves to the limit fighting each other in this exciting routine.

Our new member Tomas will be back, showing off in the Posing Workout – as during his first casting he received the highest votes while in loincloth we decided to keep him in this outfit for the entire training. Speaking of loincloth: Lukas will also present himself in all all weekends in the same Posing Workout – a easier break of what awaits him. Joining the newcomers in their posing workout is Ilya. He received very high points in the casting and now we are glad to bring him back for more trainings, and we decided to start again with the Posing Workout.

AJ and Rustam will start their 25 Challenge as Alex will start his Ultimate Full Body Workout, testing a new underwear. Throughout the training, Alex has scored very stable high points. We are glad to say that the Ultimate Full Body Workout will not be the last training that will have, but it will be the last in speedo. He too will ultimately change into loincloth.

We are also trying to implement new updates to accommodate the wishes of our members: first, we have opened a members-only blog where you can read detailed descriptions on the workouts, about our future plans and get heads up on new models. This has already received good feedback. We have also started creating thematic index for our videos where you can browse the trainings by topic. This will take some time, but hopefully shall be implemented in October. There are several other improvements in works.

The best ideas we have received from our members, so please keep your feedback coming! If we cannot reply immediately, then rest assured, all your letters are read and highly appreciated! Write us at agency@fitcasting.com