In our video section, we have dedicated the whole October to Stress Position Workouts and Member Ideas. We are putting out a lot of content: sometimes as much as 4 daily updates! This is because we had very busy summer and thanks to you we got a lot of good ideas that we were able to use. By now, the members can download 1380 video clips and number is growing every day.

“25 Challenge” recommended by Jeremy has proved both brutal and effective. In October you can watch Ivan and Philipp being pushed through this ordeal. Joined by Lukas G later in the month. Dima will finish his “Workout Weekend” with countless push-ups and extensive penalty session recommended by Richard. We will have a twist at the end of the last penalty episode – so make sure to watch it! This clip is included as an extra as we were not happy with the video quality. But again, we chose to show the workout in full. This is the last “poor quality” video – it should not happen again.

Lots of members have written us how much they like our Stress Position routines. This is the workout where models can really showcase their physiques while testing their strength. AJ, Pavel, Dima and Ruslan are put through arduous stress positions. While they pose, let us know what could be a good workout for them in future? What body part or muscle group should get more focus? Or even better: if you have an idea for a whole workout scenario, let us know! We love to try out your ideas! Write us at