In November, we sum up the season and are getting ready to introduce some new stuff that will be awaiting us all in the next year. Ivan D has shown us his trainings all year. As he will complete his “New Speed Challenge” he will change into transparent gladiator underwear and is ready to present the results of his training in a special show-off video. The workouts have had an amazing effect on one of our most popular model and he is excited to show it off.

November will be a new beginning also: Dima will introduce a new type of loincloth: the rope loincloth. Some of our members have recommended this piece and we have taken up their advice. The results are hot. We have chosen “Double Sets Challenge” for Dima to show off his new workout outfit.

Pavel finishes his Cardio Workout with penalty round on a bike and will start a “Full Body Workout”, testing a new underwear for us. Lukas continues his training: after finishing the “Posing Workout” he must continue with the “Animal Kingdom” workout. We cannot imagine him in any other clothing as the Ganymede loincloth, so we keep it!

Rustic, AJ, Michal and Ilya continue their workouts and every weekend Dmitry and Stas continue their fight to conclusion, with a posing highlight.

Let us know your ideas – the longer workout descriptions, the better. What would you like to see? Who would you like to train and how? Write us at – we are always happy to get your letters.