November on will be full of hard workouts, lots of posing and flexing. We keep pushing Dima double time in Posing Workout and also in Stress Position Workout. Ruslan, AJ and Pavel will also have a chance to show themselves off in our popular stress position routine.

Philipp will complete his 25 Challenge in Hot Autumn Special. This is his first Fitcasting workout after First Casting and he really finds out the hard way what it means to be a member of Fitcasting team! Although he is not the most muscular of our models, he really tries hard and we decide to invite him back for more workouts. Especially since he really seems to need it. Write us also and let us know how to better train Phillip – he has even committed to be part of our online training program. If you want to be his online trainer and oversee and record his training program, let us know at

25 Challenge is hard and we decided to also test Lukas and Ivan D in this great routine sent to us by a member. You can compare models who have very different builds to go through the routine.

The highlight of November must be yet another new member idea that we decided to test on Ivan D. The first part of this routine is published today. The routine is called “The Pec Pump Challenge” and it is almost impossible and borderline unfair: the long penalty session is guaranteed. When Ivan learned about the challenge, he immediately wanted to put him to test. The harder the exercise the more excited Ivan seems to get. Wearing tightly fitting fishnet thong, our top model puts himself to test. The challenge is to do so many push-ups, flies and bench presses that it actually increases the model’s chest real time. Between seemingly endless series of pushups, flies and presses, the routine is peppered with lot of posing and flexing. In member section we have also included a short video description of the routine with all the rules and penalties.

As you can see, we always try to use the ideas that you send us. So keep them coming! If you have a training idea for our boys write us at