We wanted to show something fun for the summer and we decided to go back to an old training routine that was recommended by one of our members for a villa shoot: the Pony Training. The goal here is to make two boys serve as “Ponies” for the other two boys, who will perform as “Riders”. In this training we wanted the ponies to be bigger, muscular boys who must submit to leaner, younger boys. Dima and Andy – were our first and natural choice as ponies. Both are big and muscular, but very tame and obedient boys.

For the riders, we chose two of our youngest and leanest boys – 18 and 19 year old Jony and Tommy. The boys are surprised to find themselves in control of their two older and muscular peers and even holding whips: so far they have been mostly on the receiving end of the whip.

The training starts by establishing control, the young riders examine their ponies, feeling up their muscles, appreciating their rides. The ponies must be submissive and tame. They must display total obedience to their new masters. After all – the riders are holding whips. Riders are instructed to take their task seriously – if they are too lenient, they too may end up being punished.

The riders establish a total control over their ponies. Their second task, after getting acquainted with the ponies is to make them tame for the ride ahead. We do not want the pony boys too spirited for the inexperienced riders. There is a simple trick to calm down our ponies – to make them cum.

Even before the training starts the both pony boys must cum. They must bring themselves to the climax while on the knees and watched by the riders. The training may start!

The training starts with learning the commands – right and left turn, stop and speed up, and so on. The riders mont their ponies immediately after they have cummed – the ponies are not afforded the luxury to clean themselves.

We thought about what the riders should wear and finally decided against any clothing as the riders must also be aware that they are performing for our members. For the sake of speed, we allowed the ponies to keep the sneakers. The commands training is followed by the strength training. The ponies’ legs are tested hard on the marble stairs of our villa.

Then comes a training for the riders. As the ponies are forced to crank endless push-ups the riders must show how well they keep balance. They must mount on the backs of their pony boys who perform push-ups while balancing themselves mostly by squeezing their thighs around the torsos of their rides.

This is certainly a fun exercise. And it is not made easier by the fact that under the hot Greek sun the ponies are glistening with sweat. The exercise continues with several sprints and more strength exercises, while the boys must from time to time punish their ponies.

And then, after hard training it is time to reward our riders! They really worked their ponies out hard.

While sitting on the backs of their ponies – we allow the riders to cum!