This November we are introducing a shy wrestler Vova as the New Face of November. You can see how he is overcoming his initial shyness and opening up to more intense presentation to please our members.

In November we are also adding the following new movies:

  • Domantas: Gladiator Training
  • Lubos: Gladiator Abs
  • AJ: Shiiko Dachi Penalty
  • Vova and Krill – Rickshaw Boy Training where Vova is trained to perform as a perfect Rickshaw Boy

And finally, Ruslan will start his epic journey in his Special Cardio Workout where we bring him back to basics with some exciting additions to this brutal classic workout.

This is in addition to all the features that are already playing. Pleas join us and also let us know what you think – we love to hear from you! Our e mail is