Meet Alex, our new face in August. Alex is an incredible find and we were so happy to be able to cast him. As always, we welcome your feedback: please let us know what do you think of him? Should we invite him back to more shoots? If yes, let us know what kind of workout would you prefer him to go through? We have recently had so many good recommendations from members. We can’t wait to share the results with the members. Alex will go through the full casting session starting from flexibility and working through all main muscle groups to stress and endurance parts of the session. Our members will see that Alex is extremely motivated in making sure that he leaves a good impression to the viewers. When we were filming it became immediately clear that Alex is completely dedicated to the session with a single goal: to get maximum points and be back for more shoots. Our members will decide if this new aspiring fitness model will be added to the team. Please score our model and let us know your feedback at We have also included a short preview gallery. Full gallery of Alex will be published in coming days at our member section!