June will be another hot month at Fitacsting.com as Mikhail will start his amazing flexing show that will develop into full stress position workout. The session is hard and complete with penalty session on treadmill and bike where Mikhail is pushed to the limits.

Our top model Justas is also back and continuing his own stress position workout as well. We will start playing another new sequel with Yan, another top model whose strength will be put to test at the “Speed Challenge Workout”.

One of our favourites is Dima who continues to go through the tough ad exotic “Posing Workout Challenge” showcasing “Manstore” fishnet-style speedo: a new addition to our underwear collection. Let us know what do you think and if we should continue using this.

Efim show off at “Full Body Show-Off Workout” and Lukas G and Lukas J continue their posing workouts as well.

June will be filled with stars and we update 2 video clips per day. In addition we will be introducing a new young model Max in our casting sessions as Lukas G and AJ complete their casting, updating 2 casting clips per day in addition to videos.

But it is already clear that Ivan D is your new star as the castings that started in May have received extremely high marks. We are happy to report that based on your reaction, we have already filmed 4 additional very hard workouts with Ivan D, and 3 of them are completely new, based on the routines sent by our members. We can’t wait to bring those to you in coming months, but we will be releasing some members-only preview footage very soon. Please keep your ideas coming: very soon you will see that we turn them into reality! Write us at agency@fitcasting.com.

We will update this June 4 clips per day! Thank you for supporting us. Please join us and consider annual subscription for just 99 USD per year: this is excellent value for money for amazing content. We have lot of great surprises coming up in summer and autumn, just stay tuned!