On 15 January we will celebrate Fitcasting’s 4th birthday. Thanks to our loyal and ever growing membership, we have been online 4 years. We believe that a big part of our success is due to the fact that we listen to our members. By now, most of the workouts that you see in the site are either fully or partly designed form our members who generously contribute with ideas and suggestions.It is already our tradition that for every birthday we pick one of the most ambitious ideas of member and make it a reality. Last year a member suggested to create a fantasy “Rider Workout”. In this a group of boys is divided into two parts, half riders and half ponies. The riders must control their ponies, teach, train and discipline them and ultimately compete with other riders to a surprise prize. For this birthday we are proud to present the Rider Workout: where Dima, Alex and Kirill are riders while Vova, Ilya and Aleksandr have to struggle as “ponies”. We matched Vova with Alex, who form a spectacular blond pair. We matched Dima with Ilya because the disproportionality of their bodies as lithe and slender Ilya has to carry muscular and bulky Dima. Aleksandr and Kirill form another exciting pair – the defiance of muscular and impressive Aleksandr makes him a true stallion controlled by cruel Kirill.

Read more about the workout in our member section!

We continue playing Dima’s first private casting in the “Casting Section” and these other videos will be playing in January:

  • Our main attraction will be Ruslan’s Temple Boy workout where we feature the perfect body of our model of the year from every angle
  • Vova and Krill will finish the Rickshaw Boy training
  • AJ will continue his Shiiko Dachi Penalty
  • Alex and Vova test each others limits at the “Close Contact” workout
  • Ilya will train under watchful eye of Alex as Temple Boy
  • Aleksandr and Krill will start their close contact workout
  • Pavel will continue his Lazy Boy workout
  • Ilya and Krill will start also Close Contact workout
  • Dima and Vova also will be put in Close Contact workout

If you have any ideas, suggestions and comments, please write us at: agency@fitcasting.com