In a very short time Igor has emerged as one of our favourite models. Everybody seems to appreciate the boy’s development since he appeared in his first casting. He has definitely gained in muscles, his chest, abs and biceps being a source of constant praise. He is also receiving a lot of high marks from our members – probably the result of his presentation skills. We have decided to keep the boy nude and erect for all the recent workouts and the boy has delivered some of the most engaging and entertaining workouts.

We have now decided to show the boy off in the famous Triple Sets Workout. This time, we wanted to really put his stamina to test. The workout requires three sets to be performed in one rep, and one of them is always for kegel muscles (meaning keeping a hard-on). But we have made it even more difficult: at the end of each round the boy needs to bring himself to climax and then continue with the workout, including his kegel exercises. This is one of the most intimate, entertaining and at the same time demanding workouts that we have created.

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