We can promise very exciting December of Fitcasting! Justas is Back: showing off in a routine that we called “Full Body Pump”. Ruslan will be put to yet another test in 25 Challenge workout that we called “Muscles Put to a Test”. You will see him in absolutely top pre-competition shape and we thought it would be fun for you to compare his shape with an earlier shoot also playing where he is doing a Stress Position Workout. We decided to call the session “Muscles Put to a Test”, because we assigned additional lengthy penalty session after the regular workout: you can see Ruslan sweat through extra session on bike, treadmill, cross trainer and jumping jacks. This possibly one of the hardest workout sessions of all time in our channel and the results are excellent. In this post, we have included an extra preview gallery of the workout.

Our very popular Ivan will continue his brutal Pec Pump Challenge (stay tuned for an update at our YouTube Channel) and Lukas continues with his “25 Challenge”. In November, we brought back Philipp also in “25 Challenge” and he was really struggling to complete it. So we decided to concentrate more on his upper body and put him through a very hard “Upper Body Strength Workout” – another workout routine recommended by a member. Wearing underwear that is normally only reserved for penalty sessions, Philipp is struggling but giving his best. Pavel and AJ show themselves off in Stress Positions.

But this is not all. On 20 December we will start playing our Christmas Special, updated daily. This will be a special surprise to all our fans. Stay tuned!

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