In the coming weekend we are going to launch a brand new workout routine and we selected this routine as one of the bonus shoots for our Model of the Year Alex. This routine was recommended by some of our members who suggested to bring back erotic underwear in the workouts, without losing any of the erotic undertones. We decided to create a fantasy training for underwear modelling. The premise of the story is that hot fitness models are regularly used to promote sexy underwear. We get to see the beautiful part of this, but what goes on behind the scenes. What kind of training does it take to get the models to the point the really “sell” the underwear? What goes on behind the scenes.

Alex’ training starts as usual, naked, he kneels in front of his trainer. The trainer wears a fishnet thong and we can immediately tell that the cruel man seems to be really excited about what Alex must go through. He explains the boy that today he is learning underwear modelling.

Without wasting too many words, the trainer decides to teach the boy lesson number one: the bulge. Stroking the boy’s penis hard, he explains that buyers want to see the bulge in the pants. He expects the boy to keep his cock rock hard throughout the training.

During the first round, the boy is not given a pari of underwear but a loincloth. This is for the boy’s comfort as the goal of the first round is to teach the boys different moves that we him to perform in selling the underwear. With light loincloth the boy will not be too much distracted, but he still has the feeling of wearing at least something. First we want to show the strength of the underwear – for this the boy must stretch himself everywhich way to show that the fabric of the underwear will not break under the pressure.

We want o show the comfort of the underwear – so the boy must sprint in place to show how comfortable the underwear is.

Underwear modelling takes long hours when the boy is expected to keep all kinds of poses – this is why we need to prepare his body for such ordeals. Rolling the wheel on the floor keeps all the muscle groups nicely working and gives an intense all-over body workout, keeping all the muscle groups strained and working.

And of course, the butt has a special place in underwear modelling. The trainer pays special attention in instructing the boy in showing off his butt. You may notice that the boy’s butt has already pinkish shade – this is because of the use of whip. Our trainer does not let the boy to slack off in such an important element of underwear posing.

Now comes the hard part. The boy will get naked and and he will need in front of the bench placing his elbows on the edge of the bench and carrying a light weigh. This way he presents himself comfortably to the trainer for punishment who can point out any body parts not correctly presented during the show.

As you can see the trainer pays extra attention to the trainee’s butt. But this is not all – after receiving his punishment, the boy must turn around and present his hard cock. This is not a punishment but a training. As the underwear modelling routine is relatively easy we wanted to end every round by something quick and difficult for the boy that reminds him of the seriousness of the business.

After every round, the boy will benefit from a very special “cock training”. Kneeling legs wide apart, he must present his hard cock and maintain his erection while it is whipped 15 times. Now to the underwear.

First, we showcase a simple whit thong. It is a little uncomfortable, as it is 1-2 numbers smaller that Alex’ actual size, wearing it with hardon is extra challenging, but thanks to the trainer’s efforts Alex performs beautifully.

Then we make the boy to wear an extra tiny light blue thong with erection. Even without it the thong is too small for Alex, but with hard-on, the boy really struggles to fully “contain” himself.

This is no way to wear an expensive, top brand thong. The boy will be severely punished for allowing his balls to slip out of his undergarment. Can you imagine what impression it will leave when something like this would happen during an actual show?

Poor Alex, he submits for his punishment. Is it his fault that he was given thongs that are 2-3 numbers too small? Probably not, but mistakes like this may happen and the boy must know how to behave in situations like this. Dropping balls for his personal comfort is not an acceptable way. But now we are going to have some real fun.

The boy is given paper undies – the ones that are often used in massage parlours. The trainer instructs him to perform full routine that includes running, jumping jacks, the wheel, stretches and squats with rock hard cock, without breaking the pants.

To make sure that Alex does not cheat – the trainer uses his full body to force the boy into exactly such stretches and crouches that he deems fit and appropriate.

We can see that the boy’s hard cock has damaged the underwear already after the first stretches. The boy knows that he is in trouble for breaking the valuable underwear.

And then it happens! During an intense set of jumping jacks Alex’ stubbornly hard cock pops out through the soft fabric. The boy is told to continue his exercises as we can see his cock dancing up and down hitting the boy’s lower abs, like an additional whip tho the one held by the trainer.

By the end of the round the boy has completely ruined the underwear. The trainer does not like this one bit and as an additional humiliating punishment he makes the buy cum.

The training continues…

Alex: Learning Underwear Modelling starts playing 1 July 2022 with 4 episodes to be published every weekend.