As you may have noticed, we love to train Alex. It is enjoyable to watch how the boy struggles through some of the hardest exercises we have come up with. We have also noticed that our members enjoy to watch Alex struggle: the previous episodes where the boy suffered the most received top marks from our viewers. This is why we are especially proud to bring to you the 500-Jumping Jacks Tryout – designed especially for Alex by one of our members.

As the trainer is examining Alex’s shape, the boy is visibly nervous. The boy knows the tradition: model of the year will have to perform one exercise designed by the members who can submit their ideas for selection. Usually, we select the cruellest and hardest of the exercises as it gives the boy a chance to prove his worthiness for the title and really please the members. This year, we have chosen the 500 Jumping Jacks Tryout that was designed by one of our members who was not impressed by Alex’s performance at the Ultimate Full Body Workout.

The member who designed the workout wanted to find out how strong really Alex is. Specifically, the author of the workout did not like Alex’s strength performance, so decided a heavy duty workout consisting of Jumping Jacks, but designed in increasing difficulty (we will explain later). But first the author wanted to have a better understanding of the boy’s body.

This is why the exercise actually starts with a lengthy posing session where we take time to assess Alex’s biceps, chest, abs, triceps, thighs. The boy must present each muscle group under Alex’s whip TEN TIMES.

But this is not all, the author was specifically annoyed with Alex’s shyness in previous shoots and his reluctance to show his behind. The boy is now ordered to bend and spread his asscheeks also for 10 times!

The introduction ends with a task that seeks to compensate another of Alex’s shortcomings: lack of cumming. Many of our disappointed members remember how the boy failed to cum in one of the first gladiator schools series. Here the training starts with cumming.

The embarrassed boy produces a decent amount. The boy must cum on the abs for a reason, we want him wear it for the rest of the training, as he is not allowed to clean himself.

The main part of the exercise consists of series of 5 sets, in each set the boy must perform 100 jumping jacks and in each set, he must be faster, than the previous one. But as in forced workouts usually, there’s a trick. First, the boy’s level of hardship and discomfort is increased after every set. Second, before the next set, the boy must do some sort of physical exercise to increase his exhaustion. And third, after every exercise the boy is told to cum again, but he has only 5 minutes to do so.

Ini a short while, Alex is covered in sweat. You will enjoy this muscled body pushed very very hard. Of course, the boy fails to be faster after every set. That means punishment: whipping on the thighs: to motivate the boy’s legs to be faster the next time.

Now, after every set the boy must cum, but he has only five minutes to complete his task.

Often, he fails. That means whipping on the cock, to motivate it to be faster the next time!

At the end of the training, the boy carries an impressive amount of weights and other “additions”: leg weights come on first, then come the wrist weights, then the additional weighted backpack and most uncomfortable attachment 3 clothespins on each nipple that bite painfully during jumping jacks that require intense arms movements that stretch the skin on the pecs.

Alex’s performance is a forced workouts classic. The scenario is hard and beautiful, making the boy to show us his full strength. Extra points go also to Dima, the trainer who makes his presence feel constantly. He is not using only his whip, but he dominates his trainee with his hands, pecks, thighs. He is even using his dick to count the reps!

We hope you will enjoy this very hard training session for this beautiful muscleboy who loves to be treated hard and prove himself beyond the limits.