We keep publishing some of the best workout ideas that we receive from our members. We have had so many good ideas recently coming in and some of them are truly inspiring. Please keep those ideas coming and we try to give our best to make them happen and published.

This particular idea is written specially for our model Alex by one of our members who knows that Alex loves particularly hard challenges. This one is really cruel so we called it “The Unfair Challenge” and it goes like this.


The challenge is designed for Alex to really find out the limits of his strength.

  1. The challenge starts with Alex performing 15 min intensive warm up.
  2. This is followed by 5 min each of solid legs, arms, pecs, a sprint on treadmill and abs.
  3. Once the first round is over another rested model joins the workout and they compete for the same round of legs, arms, pecs, a sprint on treadmill and abs. Alex has to meet or exceed the competitor in each set.
  4. Once the second round is over the competitor is swapped over with another, rested guy. Again both models must repeat the same routine and again, Alex must match or exceed his rested competitor.
  5. Keep the two guy alternating with Alex having to perform equally against each with no rest. Any failure to keep up after 4 rotations means 1 minute Stress Positions straight after work out.
  6. Again, each Stress Positions Alex is joined by one of the two guys who are alternating and resting.
  7. If Alex loses the Stress position earlier than his rested competitor he must flex in thong for 1 minute for every second the competitor was able to hold the position longer.

This is a brutal workout, but we have not yet decided who could be the two competitors for Alex? Do you have any suggestions? Write us at agency@fitcasting.com

Meanwhile here are some photos of Alex from previous challenges.