Finally, we get to put Ilya’s perfect body to entertain us as a Ganymede. The boy is made for this role and he does not fail in his performance (this does not mean that we would spare any of the penalty push-ups!) His performance is always very convincing and you can see how he tries to please with every fibre in his body. His muscles are tense and veiny, his body oiled and glistening, this is the Ganymede everyone wants to serve in his party.

Our personal favourite in this workout is Ilya’s measured, lengthy kneeling walk across the Gym floor. Humble, strong and entertaining at the same time: a perfection. We are very glad to see the progress Ilya is making and we cannot wait to put the boy through even more trainings!

Ilya: Ganymede Workout will start playing on 27 March 2019.