We have received lots of positive feedback on our August videos and we have decided to continue in the same style in September.

Lots of you have requested the return of competition videos and we have chosen Dmitry and Stas – two very popular new models to go through the “Hold and Move” challenge. The same one that Dima and Ruslan did for our 1st birthday. We have added some additions to the routine, such s oiling and wrestling and we hope you like it!

Rustam is back – his results from the first casting were so positive that we decided to bring him back immediately for our classic posing workout where you can continue admiring his performance: this time as a full member of our team. We decided to keep his outfit the same as in his casting – the black loincloth fits him perfectly.

Pavel will start our classic cardio workout – this is a hard workout, probably one of the hardest and Pavel shows great determination in going through it: this still does not save him from a penalty round on bike.

Ruslan will finish his penalty workout and Dmitry his very popular ganymede workout routine. We will bring back Ivan D who will start a new “Speed Challenge”.

And finally, we have good news for the fans of Aleksandr T and Lukas. As Aleksandr is finishing his Posing Workout we will not let him go and put him through the Animal Kingdom Workout in black loincloth. Lukas will continue his trials at Fitcasting.com: on October 22, he will start his Posing Workout for a real show off.

Last, but not least: we keep adding features for our members: in September we will start with members-only blog where we explain the routines, share previews and some preview photos from the shoots and upcoming new models.

September will be great start to a very hot new season at Fitcasting.com!

Write us with feedback at agency@fitcasting.com