We tend to say that every month but believe us: September will be even more hot than usual. Here is the short preview.

We must start of our new boy Tommy. When we have recently cast more muscular boys then Tommy with his lean, beautiful body represents this look that we always want to train.

There is something very delicious about this 19-year old young trainee that immediately makes us want him to push him through some of our hardest trainings to see how this gorgeous body struggles to meet our near impossible demands.

But first the boy must go through the casting. From the very first minutes, still in shorts and then in underwear we can tell that the boy is talented. He is also extremely generously proportioned which makes us want to have a little fun with him and find some impossibly tiny or simply sexy outfits.

The boy is also surprisingly strong and can hold correct poses. There is a lot going on with this boy and hopefully you will like him. We do and can’t wait to put him through some of the hardest trainings.

We will then have a chance to take a look back at some of our earlier workouts where Dima and Ruslan show off their bodies. The “Private Workouts” that you are about to see are filmed several years ago and were meant initially for a very limited audience.

It is fun to watch as for the first time the boys cope with their nudity while working out. There are some surprises along the way as boys seem to discover some deep and hidden liking to this type of training that cannot hide any more while completely nude.

It is a great opportunity to also compare how long some of our trainees have developed. Ruslan at the end of the month will start his training that we simply call “Push-up Torture” – because this is what it is. You have a chance over a couple of weekends to compare the boy’s body and development “now and then”

Dorian will start his cock training and boy is there a lot to train. This hunk is a perfect gymslave – perfect fit for some of the hardest workouts that we have invented.

We make him wear a double cock ring, which makes his cock proudly stand out of his body but also somehow emphasises his whole muscular, veiny form.

We start Dorian’s training at the same time with Tommy so you have a chance to admire two very different but still incredibly sexy bodytipes in parallel.

But there is one more very very special training. Dima S will oversee as a trainer the workout of two muscular blondes Alex and Ilya whom we have paired in hold and move challenge.

Alex is back in perfect shape and we cannot be happier. As a more experienced member of our stable, he is also a great partner to Ilya who seems nervous and at times shy but obviously feels most comfortable when close to Alex.

Ilya and Dima have also developed a special trainer-trainee relationship that is clearly shown. You can see how even a simple touch of the whip makes Ilya give his everything to his master.

Dima S does not even try to hide how much he enjoys his power over his two trainees.