As Pavel starts his Cardio Workout Challenge we thought it is a good idea to give you some background on the idea of this training. You can find the detailed description of this routine in the Preview section and in the early News, but here we want to tell you why we shoot it and publish it the way we do.

The routine is very hard: the boy must go through 3-4 sets of cardio exercises, while the weight that he is carrying is constantly increasing. Yet he must always beat his previous results in jumping jacks and squats. Jumping jacks and squats are separated with 12 minute runs on treadmill where the boy must also carry increasingly heavy weights, exhausting himself even more, making the attainment of set goal more and more difficult.

Pavel has shown some resistance to heavy exercises so we really wanted to test him with this one. We also wanted him to wear a soft pink thong: it turned out to be a number too small but it made the routine even more exciting. As we are phasing out the thongs and replacing it with tinier loincloth, this is the last time you will see this item to be worn by our models. This is also probably the last time you will see the “original” cardio workout with long sprints and somewhat dull routines but we definitely wanted our gorgeous Pavel to suffer through it.

The routine is built on an impossible goal: that almost certainly guarantees the punishment. In this session, we left some of the punishment workout for later, while some was carried out immediately after a faulty set, making the next set even more difficult. Some members have criticised us for lengthy running sets on treadmill – but we disagree. First, running really offers a good look of the trainee’s body and watching him struggle carrying increasingly heavier weights adds to the entertainment. Second, we want to show you the full exercise: there is no cheating, no faking or no “secret” off-camera pauses, that are sometimes used. What you see is a true, unedited routine and we hope you will appreciate it.

This is one of the very first routines we ever used and admittedly, with new, more exciting routines, it may need some updating. Based on the success of our Ganymede Workout, we are now working on two new ancient-themed cardio routines The Rickshaw Boy Training and The Galley Slave Training and will be adding a more “watchable” cardio routine: with shorter sprints, more revealing outfits and heavier penalties.

Meanwhile, as Pavel steps on the treadmill, let’s all enjoy the Classic Cardio Workout one last time.