Weekends are for Ruslan – our model of the year. Every weekend we publish as a special bonus, a double volume of clips of Ruslan’s bonus shoots. As the model of the year, we want to show the boy from every angle and this is just the workout for that.

As the boy stands in the middle of the famous red gym, we can only admire his incredible shape. Today, he will go through our Shiiko Dachi Penalty Workout.

As we use lot of penalties and punishments in the workouts to motivate our trainees to perform better, it only natural that as one of the first trainings as the model of the year, we want the “refresh” Ruslan’s memory on Shiiko Dachi Penalty pose. Lot of our penalties are taken in Shiiko Dachi Pose and this workout essentially teaches the boy to master this exotic pose.

In Shiiko Dachi Pose the boy must balance himself in a squatting position, while keeping his body upright and his legs at exactly 90 degree angle while the legs are spread on the straight line. As most of the pressure in this exercise is on the legs and lower body, it is most comfortable to be done in nude. You will see a lot of stretches, wide squats and other exercises that keep the body stretched and open.

Obviously, this is not the first time for the Ruslan to be in Shiiko Dachi Pose and actually this is not the first time he goes through the very same exercise. So, on one hand we are happy to see that the boy is quite good at posing. On the other hand, to keep things interesting and entertaining to the viewers we also added a few twists.

The first addition to the training was in form. As Ruslan did his first Shiiko Dachi training almost a year ago, in loincloth, some details were not that important. Now, when the workout is made in in nude, we thought it would be appropriate and completely reasonable that the boy would also keep an erection during the workout.

Of course, this is almost an impossible task. So we introduced an additional punishment – every time the boy would fail to keep the required form, he would receive gut punches. Every previous episode that has included gut punches to Ruslan has received gut punches has received remarkably high marks. So we did not want to disappoint our viewers this time either.

As the poses and routines are hard, Ruslan needs all his blood to support legs, and upper body. Keeping an erection is almost an impossible task, so the boy fails in his required form almost every time. This means that those who love Ruslan’s abs presented for punches, will not have to disappoint. There is something perfect in the abs awaiting the punch: arguably this is the best way to showcase this muscle group – in its natural defensive state.

The exercise ends in the Shiiko Dachi Position – where we can again admire Ruslan’s perfect body with all his muscles flexed. This is another exercise where we try to push the boy to the limits, literally squeezing out every single drop of stamina.

Ruslan: Shiiko Dachi Penalty is scheduled to play starting 11 April 2020. Four episodes every weekend!