Starting from June 3, 2019 we will bring you Vova’s Posing Workout. This is the second workout we filmed with this incredibly sexy model. His perfectly sculpted body, boyish looks, charming smile and somewhat naughty character make him the perfect candidate for our posing routine.

During the first couple of clips the model wears our signature loincloth, but seeing how full of energy the boy is, we decide against the loincloth and have the boy work out completely nude. Vova is always eager to please: his poses are flawless, his sets perfect. He knows exactly what is expected of him: he is not there to work out for his own benefit, he is there to entertain the viewers. He is there to show off his perfect body, to push his limits and demonstrate his excitement

Throughout the exotic poses and arduous routines, even the whole set of jumping jacks, the boy demonstrates acceptable stamina. The workout lasts almost two hours and as the workout proceeds, the boy’s excitement grows visibly. At the very end of the exercise, he loses his otherwise perfect self-control. As the boy has let others to enjoy him for nearly two hours, we decide to let the boy enjoy himself for a minute, and not to interrupt. But this kind of loss of control cannot go unpunished. Vova will return to get his punishment in summer. Let us know what should we do with him?