When we had to decide the next week’s cover boy we could not decide immediately if we pick Gleb, who will start his long-awaited Shiiko Dachi penalty or Anton, who we bring back to start a full casting. As we already have published a preview video about Gleb, we thought to say some words about Anton.

When we first filmed Anton, we were not sure if the members would like him, but the response was overwhelmingly positive to the short workout he had to perform. We then gave the boy some time to develop and we now have him in full casting session. And as the boy kneels in front of us in a stress pose we could not be happier that we did so. His pecks, abs thighs, shoulders and back are very inviting to the trainer’s whip.

We like his cock – it is long and hard and his stamina seems to be great that will offer a lot of entertainment for our members as they follow the boy through workouts.

From the outside the boy is a tough MMA fighter, but the way he responds to the orders and presents his body seems to tell us that deep inside this muscle hunk really craves for discipline and instruction. The boy is obedient, humble and focused to please.

His begging position is one of the best – forehead pressed hard against the floor, arms stretched in front of him, but muscles flexed so that he can be admired, back arched perfectly as if waiting for the overseer’s whip, ass presented for the most intimate inspection.

But most of all, we love the boy’s face, his look. There is no defiance, no arrogance – his look seems to beg: “Train me, Sir!” It is a look of boyish trust of his trainer, it is almost slavish, craving the guidance and discipline of a master. Welcome to the training, boy, we will push you hard. Harder than anyone has ever trained you – and if you don’t please us, if your performance is subpar, you will be punished. Now, let the training begin, boy!

28 February 2022

Jony: Posing Routine 22
First Casting: Sven 39
First Casting: Sven 40??
Birthday Special: Gladiator Games 36

1 March 2022

Gleb: Shiiko Dachi Punishment 1
Anton: First Casting 1
Birthday Special: Gladiator Games 37
Preview: Welcome Back, Domantas!

2 March 2022

Jony: Posing Routine 23
Anton: First Casting 2
Birthday Special: Gladiator Games 38
Domantas: Master’s Birthday Gift 8

3 March 2022

Gleb: Shiiko Dachi Punishment 2
Anton: First Casting 3
Birthday Special: Gladiator Games 39
Dima S and Yaroslav: Gladiator Arena Fight 3

4 March 2022

Jony: Posing Routine 24 – END
Anton: First Casting 4
Birthday Special: Gladiator Games 40
Domantas: Master’s Birthday Gift 9

5 March 2022

Dima T and Gary: Gladiator Abs Training 13
Dima T and Gary: Gladiator Abs Training 14
Tommy: Rickshaw Boy Challenge 9
Tommy: Rickshaw Boy Challenge 10

6 March 2022

Dima T and Gary: Gladiator Abs Training 15
Dima T and Gary: Gladiator Abs Training 16
Tommy: Rickshaw Boy Challenge 11
Tommy: Rickshaw Boy Challenge 12