February will bring to our members an amazing new discovery: Vova. Our newest member of Fitacsting.com team has every chance to be the next Fitcasting superstar and member favorite. Follow him through our full casting session and vote for Vova if you want to see him in our new castings.

We have more updates and previews on upcoming videos and shoots in the member section. The other highlights for february include:

  • Completely new Stress Challenge for Ilya
  • Alex’s peak performance of Animal Kingdom Workout
  • Alex’s continued struggles as he starts the Double Sets Challenge
  • Kirill will start a new and very special Posing Workout
  • Martin: Animal Kingdom Workout in open air
  • Dima S and Stas will face in Gladiator Camp the brand new and exciting Close Body Contact Workout

More preview galleries available in the member section.

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