In August we will bring Mark as the New Face in front of the members for evaluation. Mark is just 19, but he feels very comfortable with posing and showing himself off. He is very different from Anton – the New face of July. He has distinctly delicate appearance that will probably make him an ideal candidate for a Ganymede workout. But before we can have all this fun, he must first go through the full casting routine and depending on what the members have to say, we will decide his future workouts.

In August, we will start playing 6 new videos:

  • Domantas will start his Shiiko Dachi Penalty Workout
  • Dima will continue training Ilya as a Rickshaw Boy
  • Aleksandr and Vova will start competing in Animal Kingdom Challenge
  • Yan and Igor will take their duel to the next level
  • You will see Yan, Aleksandr and Igor in the changing room
  • Our new model Pavel will prove himself in Gladiator Abs Workout

These are all new movies in addition to the ones currently playing. We have at least 3 daily updates with 4 updates on weekends!

Please write us and let us know what workouts would you like our guys to go through at