When we choose workouts for our boys, we try to take into account their appearance, character and build. What workout would be fun to watch with any particular model? What would suit best, what would bring out this something that we want to see?

With young blonde Mark, the answer is quite obvious. When the boy arrives for the workout, he finds out that this time he will not be required to go to gym. The workout will take place in a luxurious living room and he will have to remain naked throughout the session. Instead of weights, he will be practicing with water tanks. He will be trained as Ganymede: wine pourer to Zeus.

A wine pourer like Mark would be highlight of any party and any master would envy a houseboy like this. Slim, but muscular, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall but not overworked, fair skin; small, but hard nipples and plump cock that stays semi-hard throughout the session.

The boy kneels in the middle of the room, takes the water tanks and the exercise may start. The boy is used to work out and may think that this here is not particularly hard task.

Very soon, the boy finds out that the training is quite hard. He is basically required to keep one strenuous stress position after another, all designed to show off his young body. Any failure in form is subject to punishment: more stress positions or extra workout.

At some point the trainer opens the water tanks and fills them to the maximum. It is time for movement exercises. Open cans must help the boy to keep perfect more even better as he is not allowed to spill not even a drop. Of course he fails.

As a good houseboy, he must clean up his mess. And of course he will be punished for his sloppiness. As the boy is quite new with us, we have chosen a stress position as a proper way to punish him. Shiiko Dachi allows viewers an unobstructed opportunity to observe the boy’s development, yet it is painfully hard to keep – serving two purposes, even while the boy is punished he still keeps us entertained.

Mark: Ganymede Workout starts playing on 1 June 2020.