Our March model Lukas received very good feedback, but some of it was still mixed. Will Lukas be able to go through all the Fitcasting brutal workout routines? Will he be comfortable with posing, flexing and showing off? Although his high marks mean that he will be invited back for more shootings, we decided to take him to an additional casting to test his strength and posing skills. We also wanted to give our members an special invitation to recommend and design workouts for Lukas. Where should we focus with our trainings?

In the additional casting, first he had to go through our 13-minute push-up challenge, where he had to perform 3 rounds of push-ups mixed with 15 second holds in 13 minutes. The trick of the challenge is that the trainee does not know the time – so he must pace himself by “inner clock”. Obviously, the faster the trainee performs his routine, the better chances he has to complete the challenge. If not, he will face additional penalty workout. And there is more: all reps must be counted correctly – any mistake is considered cheating and will also result in penalty workout.

Yes, Lukas did not pace himself correctly and he will have to perform 1 jumping jacks for every extra second over allowed time limit (150 jumping jacks). He managed to count incorrectly the last rep of his very last round: which earned him 100 penalty push-ups. And as an extra penalty for cheating 100 sit-ups on hard-tiled floor. We then moved on to posing – the trainee must now demonstrate that he is able to show off.

Our impression was very good, but we are curious to learn about your opinion? Based on the casting we decided to design a very special workout for him that we will publish as our first “Summer Special” – it is called “Ganymede Workout Challenge” and the previews of this training will start running already in May. The full workout will be available starting June. But now it is your turn to get inspired and design a workout for us! Write us at agency@fitcasting.com with subject line “Trainings for Lukas” and let us know your ideas.