Kirill is very happy and grateful for all the positive feedback he received from you. Amazingly high and stable scores for each casting episode, record numbers of members voting: Kirill may be one of our future stars.

We wanted to let you know early that Kirill will be back for more shoots with us: even in January you will have a chance to see him even two shoots: one of them the Classic Posing Workout, and another one still a surprise that we will reveal soon.

In the Posing Workout we wanted Kirill to do something special to the members who so kindly voted for him. So for some portion of this episode he will be performing completely nude as a thank you to the members who gave him all the high marks. The rest of the workout the boy will wear our new white loincloth that one or two sizes too small, but that does not prevent Kirill to put on a gracious performance.