In our Gladiator Camp the trainees will go through 3 kinds of training. First, the Gladiator Challenge, which teaches the trainees’ basic fighting skills and introduces them to gut and pec punching penalties. Second is the “Close Body Contact Workout” which will premier this month starring Dima S and Stas. These two trainings are to prepare the boys to the pinnacle of the Gladiator education: the Gladiator Arena Fight.

First to step into gladiator arena are our two very popular models Kirill and Alex.

Let us explain what is going on in the fight. This is the session that requires the trainees to muster all their skills as if they were performing in front of the roaring audience. The workout is designed to entertain and test the endurance and strength of the gladiators in every possible way.

The fight starts with presenting to the audience. The boys enter the arena in loincloth. This is our chance to assess their bodies – who will prevail? It is a time to make a bet on the favourite athlete. The introductory session is followed by a fight: the goal is to rip off the opponent’s loincloth. The winner has a right to administer gut punches to the loser. Thereafter removing his loincloth as well.

For the main session of gladiator arena fight we have kept the outfits to the minimum: the fighters wear only knee-bands.

Round 1 – “Conquer the Tower”

The first fight enacts a battle for a castle: the fighters must “conquer the tower”, while defending his “tower” against the opponent. One fighter wears a blue ring and another fighter wears a red ring, to “conquer the tower” and win a set means to remove the ring from the opponent’s “tower”.

Round 2 – “Suppress the Enemy”

In the second fight, the goal is to “suppress the enemy” as the fighters try to keep each other down in various pin-down positions.

Round 3 – “Cavalry Battle”

The third round enacts a cavalry battle, where the fighters can use only their legs, chest, shoulders and hips to drive the opponent out of the territory. The use of arms is prohibited – to ensure this the fighters’s hands are tied behind their backs and the referee follows carefully that the fighters obey the rules.

Round 4 – “Salute to the Winner”

The last round is purely entertaining. The winner of a gladiator fight should not be determined solely based on physical strength. In this round we will see who is better entertainer. The winner of the fight is the boy who can first shoot a “winners salute”.

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