We are very glad with the response we have received from all the fans and members to our request to send in workout ideas for Mikhail and Alex. We have received so many good ideas that we have decided to start publishing them on our website free section. This will probably motivate others to share their ideas and thoughts with us, this will also show the style and level of sophistication we are really looking. However if you do not have a full routine and just want to make a suggestion on a particular exercise: let us know too. Here is one sample workout idea from our member that we intend to test, it is quite brutal, but we hope it will work. We decided to call it “25 Challenge”.



The model must complete 4 rounds, NO REST!: the model can “trade” the rest against triple time on treadmill (1min = 3 min), double time (1 min = 2min) on cross trainer or on rowing machine to be completed after each round.

1. Squat with 2 dumbbells (25+25 Lbs) – 25 reps.

2. Biceps curl with 2 dumbbells (25+25 Lbs) – 15 reps both side.

3. Hammer curl with 2 dumbbells (25+25Lbs) – 10 reps.

4. Side lateral raise with 2 dumbbells (25+25 Lbs) – 5 reps.

5. Hammer front raise with 2 dumbbells (25+25 Lbs) – 5 reps.

6. After 5 reps hold the dumbbells up and count out loud 25.

7. Abdominal crunch with a dumbbell (min 25 Lbs) – 25 reps When he can’t do 25 reps, he can do dropset with dumbbells

8. On 45 degree bench: Shoulder press with dumbbell (25+25 Lbs)

9. Leg extension with dumbbells (min 50 Lbs) – 25 reps

10. Dumbbell Overhead Extension (50 Lbs) – 25 reps

11. Dumbbell push-up into a Row (10+10 Lbs) – 25 reps

Finally, after 4 rounds dropset workouts:

1. Dips with dumbbells (3 then 2 then 1 then 0 plate)

2. push-ups, as much as he can do (when he says enough, 2 more reps)

3. Leg extension dropset in machine (minimum 60-70 reps)

3. Biceps curl with standing cable machine, as much as he can do (when he says enough, 2 more reps)