The summer is here. And this means Hot Summer Special! Every summer we try to do something new and push the limits and this year is no different than the others. We bring you the long awaited Ganymede Workout Challenge where Lukas plays the role of young Ganymede – the Zeus’ cup bearer. How to train a good cup-bearer? We give you an imaginary training routine where weights are replaced by water canisters to symbolise the wine jugs. To drive the ancient theme even further we have Lukas wear our “Olympian” loincloth – very same style that was presented by Sebastian during his castings.

We continue training our very popular Ivan D who will start his “Ultimate Full Body Workout” and idea proposed by one of our members. The workout is brutal and you can really tell that Ivan who is wearing our blue turquoise strings is working very hard to give his absolute everything to earn your “5” scores. Does he succeed in his challenge or are we going to need the black penalty outfit?

We continue testing Vlad – is he Fitcasting material or not. This is his final chance to prove himself in the Posing Workout Challenge where both his presenting skills and strength is tested. For this challenge we have decided to use our purple transparent string. This is his chance to shine and show off!

Dima will start his Intense Challenge that we filmed while in Cyprus – this is in addition to his Shiko Dachi Penalty Session that continues to play on weekends.

Domantas and Pavel will Complete their Double sets challenges but their workout weekend continues mercilessly: we keep pushing the boys and they both must now face the dreaded 13-minute push-up challenge. We take Domantas outside and keep Pavel in the villa. Who will win this weekend challenge?

But this is not all, because Dmitry will finish his 25 Challenge and start his Pec Pump Challenge – a hard routine that pushes and showcases his upper body to perfection. Will he be successful or face penalty? You will find out soon enough!

This and many other clips will be playing in our June releases. We now publish 4-5 updates daily. Please keep your suggestions on new workouts coming – it is summer shooting season and we have a lot of options to make your wishes happen! Write us at