This July we are excited to bring you our new boy Roman. This is the first time we have had a chance to put a professional male dancer through our routines. It is curious if his training is at helpful to get the boy through our brutal routines. When it comes to flexibility the boy clearly excels – so much that we even make him go through a couple of extra routines.

Roman presents a proud, classic, manly figure. We are determined to showcase different body types and he certainly adds to the combination of boy-next-door look of Sava, rugged MMA fighter Anton and boyish blonde Sven. We can’t wait to put this perfect body on a test and show it off.

Roman will bend and bow, stretch and flex, jump and lift, push and pull, thrust and crouch so that not a single inch of his body will not remain hidden from the evaluation of our members. In a member section, everyone is invited to let us know their opinion of the boy’s performance.

While his stretching and posing is excellent, it is his performance in the gym that interests us with this boy. Is his body that is trained to classical dance, able to cope with heavy lifting he is now made to go through? The boy clearly struggles – it is fun to watch how he pushes himself through the gym segment of the casting.

But it is the stress poses where we get the best look at the boy’s body and get a sense of his stamina. As usual, the boy is kept for considerable period in a motionless poses while we can appreciate his development. In this pose that physically enduring we have one more task for the boy – he must also show his stamina by keeping and erection. You can find out in the member section how well Roman deals with this task.

But Roman’s casting is not the only hot new release this July. We start showing a new “pony training” video featuring Joni and Gari as ponies and Tommy and Yaroslav as riders who must train and guide their “ponies”.

For Joni the roles are reversed – rider in a previous pony training (published last month) he must now perform as Tommy’s pony. We decided that in the last pony training Joni just was not up to his tasks as a rider – very soft with a whip and he could have brought out much better results from his pony Dima.

As you can see from the photo above – Tommy is driving his shorter and weaker pony much harder. He has great rider pose, he is making use of his whip and his pony works and in addition is reasonably well presented. Joni’s pose is sloppy – he hugs his pony, his pose makes him also unable to use his whip, which makes the much stronger, taller pony not motivated enough. And also – the soft way Joni’s pony is presented should be embarrassment to any rider. So now Tommy has a chance to show Joni what it means to really train a good pony boy.

It is fun to watch how Tommy works his pony out. Joni will see very hard time as Tommy’s whip keeps him constantly motivated. But the results are great – again, Tommy wins the competition – keeping his pony running and well presented at the same time.

This is an interesting training to explore the rider-pony relationship and one can say that in Tommy and Joni both boys have found their roles. One of the most sensual and beautiful moments in this video is when kneeling and collared Joni accepts water from Tommy. He is not using his hands to drink, he lets his master control him completely.

And then we another gem that we have been waiting to share with you. As a model of the year, our Alex must submit to different “bonus trainings” and it includes testing new ideas recommended by our members. This time we have Alex testing out a fantasy workout suggested by one of our members that takes us to the world of underwear modelling.

In this workout we have created a fantasy of training a boy for underwear modelling. The trainer makes the boy go through a five rounds of training while in every round he must wear a different kind of underwear. During the training, the boy learns to deal with discomfort and hardships of underwear modelling. We don’t make it easy on the boy.

First of all, the boy must sport a complete erection, but the undergarments that he is given are 2-3 numbers too small. The boy is ordered to keep a decent, comfortable look. He must keep his “private parts” in the pants where they belong and any indecency will be punished. This happens when you let your balls fall out of the pants.

Also, the boy may not break the underwear. So we give him paper underwear usually used in the massage parlours and whip him to perform endless amounts of superfast jumping jacks. He cannnot slow down or he will be whipped immediately.

Well, after short training his underwear looks like this. You can find out in the member section what punishment our trainer Dima comes up for this kind of disobedience.

This is all in addition to our regular daily updates that are already announced! Join us for thousands of hot clips – write us if you want to have more previews. And please give us suggestions and feedback – this training was created as a recommendation by one of our members and we are very grateful for every suggestion and recommendation! Our e-mail is