July will bring just more hard workouts for our hot boys. The first new video that starts playing brings back Georgyi, a rugged beauty who will show himself off in our famous posing workout.

Hot Tim will continue his extended casting session: let us know what do you think of the boy and how we could work him out in future? Tim is eager to fulfil our member’s wishes. Now we are taking him to gym for hard workout, poses and “animal kingdom” routines.

Domantas will start the Rickshaw Boy workout – let’s see if our street workout star can muster enough energy to perform this high-intensity cardio routine or will he need the trainer’s whip to “motivate” him?

Alex and Andy will independently continue their training in model school: this time, they will learn how to concentrate for posing in “Male Statue” workout. The trainings will be brought to you on weekends in parallel, so you can let us know through voting which one of the boys is doing better.

We are not making the life easier for Ruslan – his “Memory Game” will continue with the second day of training. We have published and extensive preview video of his struggles in the “bonus” shoot in the member section. Ruslan tries really hard and does not disappoint his fans, this does not mean that the trainer will cut him any slack with penalties!

This is all new in addition to already playing videos of Dima’s Male Statue Workout, Mark’s Ganymede Workout, Aleksandr and Krill’s Temple Boy Workout.

Let us know what do you think of the workouts and we are always looking for hearing new ideas. Write us at agency@fitcasting.com.